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Keep your partner on top of his health

Cook Up A Storm Together
They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Good food made with love has the power to bring people together, mend broken relationships, and provide comfort when you need it most. It’s what nourishes us and allows for good health, but only when chosen wisely.

When time is limited, settling for quick (but unhealthy) snacks is easy. Once in a while, this is completely fine – expected even. But sometimes your one-offs slowly creep their way in to your life as habitual patterns.

When you make meal prep a two-way deal with your partner, you can keep each other in check. Avoid impulse food choices like pizza or take-out and revive your health with meal planning. Sundays could be soup days and Wednesdays taco nights. However you prep, couples who cook together stay together! For a FREE resource on meal prepping strategy, see this publication made available by the Harvard School of Public Health.

Introduce a Simple Skincare Routine
As someone who cares about skin health, you’ve probably invested a sizeable chunk of your time and energy into skincare. You know that skin, the largest organ in the body, needs just as much tending to as the rest of your body. But, when your partner sees your toner, cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer lined up on the counter – he may not feel the same way. To him, the products probably look foreign and complicated. So, what’s the best way to help him? Create a simple skincare routine.

Maybe all your partner needs (and wants) is a simple cleanser and moisturizer. These two products go a long way in keeping skin supple, without becoming overbearing. In the winter, you may want to recommend he switch his regular moisturizer for a heavy duty one to prevent dry skin. Nonetheless, a routine with the sweet spot of just 2 products is effective & simple.

Stay Active Together
There’re two types of people in this world – those who go to the gym day in and day out, and those who don’t. If your partner falls into the category of zealous gym-goer, he’s well ahead of the curve. He’s putting in the work to keep his heart healthy and muscles, joints, and ligaments strong.

What about non-active individuals? Working out at the gym isn’t the epitome of fitness, despite what you may hear. Moving in a way that connects with you is just as much a form of exercise as running on the treadmill is. Hiking, biking, walking, dancing, running, jogging, and swimming are alternatives you can try together to boost energy, promote better sleep, and mitigate disease.

In fact, in a recent study, it was found that “actively looking for a new exercise companion and exercising together seems to be beneficial for the promotion of received emotional and instrumental social support. Emotional support in turn promotes exercise by enabling better self‐regulation, in particular self‐efficacy.”

Invest in a Quality Multi                          
Between work, overtime hours, cooking, and social activities, it’s hard to make sure you and your partner are getting all the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to stay strong. A multivitamin is one of the most convenient ways to fill in nutritional gaps, at any age; an insurance policy of sorts to keep your body thriving.

What should you look for when choosing a multi? First off, the more targeted the formula the better. Age specific, gender specific, and activity specific are three main credentials to consider. For example, Progressive offers multis for men age 50+, adult men, and active men.

Next, look for quality ingredients that go beyond your standard vitamins and minerals. Every Progressive multi contains a family of digestive aids, including Fringe Tree Bark, Bitter Gourd and Milk Thistle. They stimulate your body’s natural production of enzymes, enhancing not only the absorption of your multi, but everything else you ingest as well.

Next, opt for a divided dose. Our bodies aren’t designed to accept nutrients in one large dose (which reduces the benefit of a “one-a-day” multi formula). By eating smaller, more frequent meals your body will absorb more nutrients from your food. The same principle applies to vitamins and minerals, which often have a short life span in your system and need to be replenished throughout the day. Progressive multivitamins are designed to provide a constant supply of nutrients and deliver the right potency at the right time through divided doses.

Note: A multivitamin is a dietary supplement and cannot replace a healthy diet. That’s why we strongly recommend establishing diet as the overarching foundation for good health (see above).


About the Author: The Progressive Team

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