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How can we heal like kids?

Do you remember running around the playground as a kid? You would fall down and quickly spring back up and continue running. A scraped knee might make for a short “ouch”, but it would only take a few days to heal. As we age, however, our mobility is typically reduced or compromised, as is our overall healing capacity and response to inflammation.

What once would have taken a few days to heal can take several weeks. We may not be able to turn back the clock, but it’s still worth asking: How can we heal more like kids?

The answer is in our cells. Our overall health is a direct expression of the health of our cells. So if that’s the case, how do we halt damage at the cellular level? When the cells in our body are damaged or begin to age, their membranes start to break down. As this happens, compounds that are contained within the cell walls are released into the cellular matrix. Some substances such as histamine can increase inflammation and in turn, the pain so commonly associated with it.

To halt the inflammation and damage at the cellular level, it’s useful to look at limiting our toxic load (i.e. environmental and toxic chemicals), reducing stress, and incorporating antioxidant-rich foods. Adding a natural supplement like PURICA Recovery® into your daily regime can also play a significant role.

PURICA Recovery® is a synergistic, comprehensive formula that works to help stabilize the cell membranes so that you can derive maximum benefits. Recovery works in three ways to 1. Reduce inflammation 2. Repair tissue and 3. Stabilize cell membranes by enhancing cellular health and, in turn, the framework of your body formed by epithelial, connective, muscular and skeletal tissues.

PURICA Recovery® works on strength of the synergy of its ingredients:

  • MSM, a naturally-occurring sulfur that is essential in the maintenance of healthy joints and connective tissue.
  • The naturally-occurring Glucosamine HCL, which is found in fluid around the joints, supports the structural framework of healthy joints and promotes mobility and flexibility.
  • Water soluble Vitamin C, which helps produce collagen and is essential to the health and integrity of our cells. It also lowers levels of c-reactive protein, which is an inflammatory marker in the blood.
  • Vitamin E, which protects your cell walls from oxidative damage and key to the integrity of your exterior cells.
  • Magnesium, which plays a role is over 300 enzymatic processes in the body and is vital for bone strength and relieving muscle tightness.
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA), cushions your joints and nerve tissues, helps to stabilize fluid breakdown within joints, nourishes articular cartilage and is essential to synovial fluid. The HA in PURICA Recovery is particularly important given that your natural production of HA is often less than optimal by the time you reach 40.
  • Betaine HCL, which improves digestion by increasing stomach acid levels while decreasing intestinal permeability. It can also help to decrease pain associated with lactic acid build up.
  • Hyperberry formula, a powerful concentrated antioxidant formula of blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and raspberries to protect against cell damage by guarding the cells from reactions with free radicals.
  • Nutricol®, a proprietary blend of grape seed extract and green tea provides a synergistic mechanism required to halt inflammation in its earliest stages, strengthens the cell wall to stop damage from ongoing inflammation and restrict the process that leads to tissue breakdown.

Working together, these ingredients – when combined with positive lifestyle strategies designed to help manage stress and the good nutrition that is critical for collagen and connective tissue formation — we can actually halt damage at the cellular level, initiate better cell receptivity and stabilize the cell matrix.

That’s the very intention behind PURICA Recovery®: To work at a cellular level to not only curb damage before it’s a problem, but to teach the cells to better respond to inflammation, to improve healing and to protect, regenerate and rebuild. It’s this “multi-tasking” that makes PURICA Recovery® not only effective for pain relief — back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, injury or surgery rehabilitation — but a foundational product for whole body health.

 Tawnya Ritco, RHN, specializes in the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle and vitality. 

About the Author: Tawnya Ritco, RHN


Tawnya Ritco, RHN, specializes on the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle and vitality and has worked in the natural health industry for 15 years.