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Get to the Root of Your Pain

Get to the Root of Your Pain

Noticed some new joint pain creeping in? Whether it’s thanks to a less than ergonomic home office setup, a new ache or pain that’s getting in the way of living the good life, not getting outside for regular activity, finding that it’s hard to keep up with those at-home workouts or being unable to see your physiotherapist or trainer, pain happens! But luckily there are natural and effective solutions to prevent and manage it—so you can be pain-free as the weather warms.

Conventional approaches to managing pain

The go-to solution for many types of pain are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aka NSAIDs, like Aspirin, Tylenol or Advil. When used day after day, these can be hard on the body – especially the gut. Plus, these types of drugs don’t do anything to treat the actual cause of the pain – once they wear off, the pain often returns. Conventional prescriptions can have many side-effects as well and many have not been found to improve quality of life.

Natural options for dealing with pain include herbal remedies with limited effectiveness, or muscle relaxants that lead to drowsiness. But such approaches only mask the symptoms, and do nothing to deal with what’s actually causing the pain.

Natural pain relief

Pain is complex. We all have different pain thresholds, and we all experience pain in a different way. Fortunately, there are effective ways to address pain naturally!

Genuine Health developed a whole foods-based pain relief line that works quickly to relieve pain and address the underlying causes that are causing pain. Genuine Health pain relief products include BiovaFlex®, the only natural eggshell membrane that works faster than other eggshell membranes on the market. BiovaFlex® is clinically proven to offer relief in just 5 days, and has been found to reduce C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation.

Genuine Health’s pain relief products are all made with BiovaFlex® in three formulas to address different types of pain:

  • Wear and tear to your joints (and you haven’t been able to see your physiotherapist)fast joint care+ provides a research-proven dose of BiovaFlex® to get to the root of mild to moderate pain resulting from athletics.
  • A nagging injury causing inflammation that is keeping you from being activefast joint care+ with fermented turmeric combines a research-proven dose of BiovaFlex® with fermented organic turmeric to provide amplified anti-inflammatory action that gets to the root of moderate to severe pain
  • Chronic pain and stiffness from arthritisfast arthritis pain relief+ relieves the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis and repairs joints thanks to a research-proven dose of BiovaFlex® plus bromelain (an anti-inflammatory enzyme derived from pineapples) and AvoVida® (an avocado extract that’s been proven to increase joint space lost due to arthritis)

Structural support & faster recovery

If you want to ensure that your joints are healthy, prevent future wear and tear, recover more quickly from an injury or support your joint health supplement routine, consider adding collagen.

Collagen is the main protein found throughout our bodies, including our connective tissue—but beginning in our 20s, our bodies start to produce less of it, which can lead to joint discomfort. Good news: supplementing with collagen has been shown to help you recover faster from sports injuries and reduce joint discomfort.

Genuine Health created clean collagen to easily replace collagen lost to the aging process. Made with 10 grams of easily-absorbed collagen peptides per serving, clean collagen tastes great and is easy-to-mix into your day. Shake it up with tea or coffee, blend into a smoothie or add to your favourite oatmeal or soup recipe.

Genuine Health’s clean collagen and line of pain relief products will help you get back to your regular activities.


Genuine Health Pain Relief

About the Author: Genuine Health Team


Genuine Health believes that we should all have a vibrant, healthy life, and that a well-nourished body is the best way to get there. They work with renowned scientists and professionals at leading institutions and a panel of esteemed health experts, including researchers and doctors of natural and traditional medicine to back their formulas with research and clinically proven ingredients. Learn more at