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Easy Dahl Curry Recipe

Easy Dahl Curry Recipe

You’ll love dahl curry because it’s easy to cook, flavourful and protein-rich! Plus, this recipe is vegan and made with clean, organic and fair-trade ingredients that you can feel good about.

Dahl Curry With Coconut Milk

Serves 2-4

½ cup red lentils
1 cup water
1 vegetable soup cube
1 cinnamon quill
¾ tsp ground turmeric
½ tsp ground cumin
¼ tsp coriander seeds
½ tsp ground ginger
¼ tsp crushed chili pepper (optional)
1 small onion, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 can Cha’s Premium Coconut Milk
2 slices organic lemon
1 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
Black pepper (to taste)
1 cup of Ceylon Pearl Rice, uncooked


  1. While preparing the dahl, cook the rice according to the directions on the pack so that it will be ready to serve alongside the dahl.
  2. Place lentils in a medium saucepan and rinse and drain until water runs clear.
  3. Add water, soup cube, spices, onion and garlic.
  4. Heat to boiling and cook lentils for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  5. Add the can of premium coconut milk to the lentils and let simmer another 10 minutes, or until lentils are tender.
  6. Garnish with cilantro, lemon slices and black pepper.
  7. Serve the rice on the side.
  8. Enjoy the sweet and spicy flavour in each bite!
Cha's Dahl Curry

Cha’s Organics Story

Cha’s Organics was founded 15 years ago on the principles that all trade should be fair and all food should be organically grown. Offering an array of healthy, organic, Ayurveda-inspired foods that nourish the body on a cellular level while empowering farming communities and regenerating ecosystems, Cha’s Organics is a Canadian brand with a global impact.

By partnering on fair trade terms with organic farming communities in Sri Lanka, sourcing their upcycled paper packaging from Sri Lankan women living in disadvantaged rural villages and donating 1% of their coconut milk and cream sales to protect Sri Lanka’s wild elephants, Cha’s Organics creates winning opportunities and positive change for people and planet.

Agriculture, when done right, can not only feed the world but also regenerate soil, protect biodiversity, support good health, provide economic empowerment and help reverse climate change. Cha’s Organics is committed to the regeneration of land and agricultural communities in Sri Lanka through their organic and fair trade projects. Through their elephant conservation efforts and campaigns to empower rural populations who are affected by the human elephant conflict in Sri Lanka, Cha’s Organics communities, build capacity, generate prosperity and cultivate respect for wildlife.

Cha’s Organics products are carefully crafted with the cleanest of ingredients and never contain any artificial preservatives, gums, fillers or genetically modified ingredients. Their signature line of coconut milk and cream are made from only fair trade, organic coconuts and purified water with no added sulphites, guar gum, modified corn starch, cellulose gum or carrageenan while their whipping cream is made thicker with the addition of only organic tapioca starch. Offering these products in easy-open BPA-free cans that protect your family’s health from endocrine disruptors while ensuring higher recycling rates is just one more way that Cha’s Organics acts promote human and planetary health.

Celebrating clean, healing foods, organic agriculture and fair trade every month of the year is natural at Cha’s Organics because the people at Cha’s Organics have never stopped believing in the power of the individual to create positive impact in the world. In fact, Cha’s Organic started only as a dream, to make the world a better place while bringing people happiness at home with delicious, quality ingredients for all their culinary creations. By choosing Cha’s Organics, you’re helping to make this dream a reality every day of the year.

Cha's Organics

About the Author: Cha’s Organics


Cha’s Organics believes in offering customers food choices that are both nourishing and delicious. Their commitment to customers and producer partners is driven by a love of good food and a passion for making good things happen.