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Silver can Save your School Year

It’s once again the start of a new school year, which is an exciting time to rekindle your love of learning and reconnect with the friends you haven’t seen in three months.  Everyone will be catching up and sharing their fun summer adventure stories.  However, that’s not the only thing shared during this time of […]

Coconut oil for cooking, baking and more!

Coconut oil, containing heart-healthy saturated fat, is a nutritious alternative for cooking and baking. When choosing a coconut oil keep in mind that you want it to be fresh, pure, sustainable and fair trade. Alpha DME Organic Coconut Oil is certified Fair Dinkum Fair Trade and is hand pressed from wildcrafted coconuts at the growing […]

Infection Protection Starts in Your Mouth

Fill your Mouth with Friendly Bacteria
Did you know that your mouth is home to billions of bacteria? Some of these bacteria are friendly, protective probiotic bacteria that act as our first line of defense against the unfriendly bacteria and viruses that enter through our mouths and noses. By chewing just one piece of CulturedCare™ Probiotic Gum […]


You’ll love what’s inside this amazing toothpaste as well as what’s not.  What’s in it is historically and scientifically validated organic ingredients designed to cleanse your mouth of bacteria, strengthen your gums and give you a brighter smile.  What’s not is Gluten, fluoride, Sodium Laurel Sulphate SLS and over 400 undesirable ingredients.

The Himalaya difference has […]