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Break unwanted habits with an herbal detox

Most people can sense when they need to cleanse. They tend to describe themselves as feeling heavy and lethargic, having over-indulged, wanting to change some minor health aggravations such as skin breakouts or constipation 
– Ready to make a new start with their health (begin losing excess weight, ridding the body of Candida albicans, etc.), wishing to break old habits, wanting to “tune-up” their bodies for general maintenance and regain a feeling of well-being.

“It is my first detoxification program”

The first detoxification regime you try is almost always the most challenging. Food cravings and noticeable effects of cleansing are more apparent. Those who wish can begin the program more gradually, by following the enclosed Recommended Diet for two or more days before taking any of the herbal formulas.

“What kind of reaction can I expect to have?”

The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program is designed to help your body eliminate toxic material from the deeper tissue layers where they tend to accumulate over time.

By detoxifying on a regular basis, usually during spring and fall each year, your body’s channels of elimination (colon, lymphatic system, kidneys and liver) and metabolic processes are able to function more efficiently.

During the first few days of the D-Tox, most people will start to feel its effects. Remember that months, maybe years, of toxicities are being released and are circulating throughout your body. For this reason, there are some “normal” reactions that almost everyone will notice, which gradually disappear after four to five days.

Your cleansing reactions will depend on how much toxin removal occurs. This is individual (for some, the reactions will be very mild) and should lessen every time you cleanse. Once the initial phase of toxin removal has occurred, the rewarding benefits of cleansing will ensue. For most, the end of the 12-day D-Tox marks a dramatic increase in energy and feeling of well-being.

Detoxing Tips
The following tips may help to make the D-Tox a little easier and more enjoyable:

  • Plan your D-Tox in advance. Finish eating those things in your fridge that aren’t on the D-Tox Meal Plan, rather than letting them go to waste. Maybe give them to a friend that is not doing the D-Tox. Pick a day to start the program, preferably when you have time to relax, such as on a weekend. If your weekends are very social times, you may wish to start on a Monday. That way, you will only have one weekend during the 12 days of the D-Tox.
  • You may want to ease into the D-Tox by adhering to the meal Plan for a few days before taking any herbs in the kit. If this is the first detoxification program you’ve tried, this will make it easier.
  • Just for the 12 days of the D-Tox, plan to eat at home as much as possible. Most restaurants don’t serve food that is appropriate. If you do eat out, find places that serve healthy food that fits into the Meal Plan.
  • Try to always have some food with you, particularly if you lead a busy lifestyle. Don’t let yourself go hungry.
  • The D-Tox is easier and more fun if others are doing it with you. There may be people in your household or friends that would also be interested in doing a D-Tox.

The 12 Day Herbal Detox
To help maintain a healthy balance of assimilation and elimination, the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program is uniquely designed to enhance all aspects of the metabolism. It is a proven 12-day cleansing program that follows a healthy and satisfying meal plan.

Emphasis is placed on supporting the function of the liver, the small intestine and the bowel (large intestine) to promote proper digestion and elimination of toxins and wastes.

The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program is simple to use! It has excellent benefits for both the young and the old, and is enjoyed by both novice and the experienced cleanser. The experienced cleanser will notice the dramatic health benefits that it offers without the emotional and physical fluctuations that are often caused by fasting.

Internal cleansing is considered to be the cornerstone of good health by many natural healthcare practitioners. Though traditionally done in the spring and fall, today’s fast- paced lifestyle affirms the need for regular detoxification; the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program is designed for use on a regular basis or at any time there is the need for additional cleansing, such as after holiday celebrations, for example.

About the Author: Wild Rose Team


For over 25 years in Canada, the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program has been the leader in providing a complete detoxification of the liver, colon, kidneys and lymphatic system. All Wild Rose products are created from a combination of clinical experience, traditional wisdom and modern knowledge, and use the highest quality ingredients available. To learn more visit