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Are Trace Minerals Missing from Your Diet?

Are Trace Minerals Missing from Your Diet?

Most people shop at health food stores because they realize that the modern diet is not supplying them with what they need to maintain vibrant health. They know that in most cases, the food we consume no longer contains the abundant nutrients that the same foods would have contained a hundred years ago. Not only do we live on a very old planet where natural erosion leaches minerals and trace minerals from our soils, but unhealthy farming practices of fertilizing the soil with only three of the major elements, namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) causes plants to overgrow before they have time to absorb the other minerals and nutrients, even if they remained in the soil.

Fortunately, when minerals and trace elements are eroded from farming soil, they don’t simply disappear. These nutrients have been catching and concentrating in the oceans and Utah’s Great Salt Lake for millennia. Utah’s Great Salt Lake, where the Anderson family has been harvesting Anderson’s ConcenTrace since 1969, contains nearly every primordial mineral and trace element, 79 of 84 identified so far, that have existed since the beginning of time, but without the contaminants associated with the oceans. As the soil becomes depleted, the Great Salt Lake has become enriched. The Great Salt Lake contains the exact minerals and trace elements in the exact same ratio as what is missing from our soils and thus what is missing from our diets. There cannot possibly be a more natural and perfectly balanced source to replace exactly what is missing.

Anderson’s ConcenTrace, from Utah’s Great Salt Lake is the superior mineral and trace element supplement for three reasons:

  1. Its balance and purity make it the most compatible of any supplement for long term safe use.
  2. Because it is naturally ionic, it is 100% absorbable or bioavailable.
  3. Anderson’s ConcenTrace is at supersaturation, meaning it contains the maximum amount of minerals that can physically be present in this liquid and most absorbable form.

In addition to Anderson’s ConcenTrace, we also love Anderson’s Magnesion, which is very similar to Anderson’s Concentrace except that it has remained in the evaporation ponds a little longer to maximize the magnesium content from 100 milligrams per mL to 110 milligrams per ml. Wow! Literally 11% elemental ionic magnesium. Similarly, Anderson’s Elete and Citrilyte are also derived from the brine of the Great Salt Lake, but are harvested a little earlier in the process, leaving a little of the natural sodium chloride and have some added potassium making them the perfect electrolytes for athletes or anyone needing to stay hydrated. Elete has been shown in a peer reviewed and published study to increase the hydration power of water by 72% compared to purified water alone – that is huge.

Andersons Health Solutions ConcenTrace