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A Building Block for Optimal Health

A Building Block for Optimal Health

Let’s face it. Staying healthy today requires an action plan. Every day our bodies face challenges due to:

  • Stress
  • Processed and fatty food
  • Pollution

A combination of good nutrition, exercise, and multivitamin supplementation to replace nutrients lost by these stressors and fill in any nutritional gaps helps give your body what it needs for optimal health.

At one time, we only took multivitamins to treat nutritional deficiencies. Now, multivitamins are recognized as an important means of achieving and maintaining good health. When taken to support a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, multivitamins ensure that we are getting everything we need to feel our best.

The Right Choice is Important

Multivitamins deliver the most benefit when you choose the right formula for your needs. A good quality multivitamin should promote health in the following areas:

  • Nervous system: Magnesium and B vitamins support the health of your nervous system and increase resilience under stress.
  • Heart:Coenzyme Q10 is a potent antioxidant that is involved in energy production. It protects LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and helps lower blood pressure. Omega-3 help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Bones: Supplements that contain calcium, magnesium, boron and vitamin D are essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy bone density.
  • Energy levels:B vitamins are essential to energy production. Magnesium, iron, and potassium also enable sustained energy levels, especially for women who may be low in iron due to menstruation.
  • Immunity:Vitamins A, C, and E all support a healthy immune system. So do the minerals selenium and zinc.
  • Healthy weight: Chromium helps to metabolize protein, fat, and carbohydrates and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Let’s not forget antioxidants! Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that fight against cell damage due to free radicals. Vitamin C in particular supports collagen production, which keeps our skin, bones, and blood vessels in prime shape.

Different Bodies, Different Needs

Men and women have their own unique needs when it comes to multivitamin supplementation. Vitamin B6, vitamin E and magnesium help maintain hormone balance in women and can even ease PMS symptoms. Zinc is an important contributor to men’s reproductive health, assisting in healthy sperm production and normal prostate function. 

Ready for a Solution?

Platinum Naturals has a wide range of multivitamins that give you the essential nutrients you need for strength, immunity, and overall health. Made with the award-winning Superior Nutrient Absorption™ Delivery System: Nutrients are protected in healthy oils so that your body can absorb more of what it needs throughout the day.

Easymulti® combines essential vitamins and minerals in Flaxseed Oil to ensure you get all the essential nutrients you need to support your immunity and overall health in just one softgel per day.

Easymulti® Vegan is a comprehensive multivitamin formulated for vegans that features flaxseed oil, iron, B12 and vitamin D in one softgel per day.

Easymulti® Teen provides the nutrients teens need for overall health, clear skin, strong teeth and bones, better eyesight, as well as improved mood and energy.

Super Easymulti® 45+ is a complete 10 in 1 anti-aging solution formulated to help fight the effects of aging. It contains a balanced mixture of vitamins and minerals, powerful antioxidants such as grape seed extract, selenium and CoQ10.

Easymulti® Stress combines your daily vitamin and mineral needs with GABA, cordyceps, rhodiola rosea and Siberian ginseng to help your body deal with stress, recover lost energy and regain calmness and mental clarity.

activ-X™ is scientifically developed for performance.  You’ll feel the increased energy as you train harder, maximize endurance and experience faster recovery.

Prenatal Easymulti® is a comprehensive multivitamin for pregnant and nursing mothers and those trying to conceive. It features a complete range of vitamins, minerals and DHA for a healthy mother and child with just one softgel each day. It is recognized by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.

Combining regular exercise, a balanced diet with a quality multivitamin will help you to reap its many benefits so you can feel your best every day.

Platinum Naturals Easymulti

About the Author: Platinum Naturals Team


Founded in 1996, Platinum Naturals is a Canadian, natural multi-supplement company, who believes in creating premium health products that offer superior quality and efficacy. Platinum Naturals understands absorption: through their award-winning Superior Nutrient Absorption delivery system, they’re able to deliver the results people are looking for when taking supplements.