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YARMOUTH NATURAL is South West Nova’s oldest and largest health food store. It is family owned and operated. Located in downtown Yarmouth, we opened our doors 30 years ago in the Spring of 1981.

Over the years we have moved and expanded to where we now have over 2,000 square feet in which to display our products. This full range of health products includes: a large selection of whole foods, local, organic produce in season, fresh culinary herbs and spices, bulk foods, gluten free foods, nutritional and homeopathic supplements, natural health and beauty products, books on health topics and cookbooks.

Our adjacent, large kitchenware section offers the health food customer a bonus of a wide selection of high quality domestic and commercial kitchen supplies including: blenders, juicers, dehydrators, sprouters, coffee grinders, yoghurt makers and just about anything else a well equipped kitchen would need from whips and spoons to a 24qt Stainless Steel stock pot.

Our focus over the 30 years has been to provide high quality customer service. In order to maintain this service, our staff is well trained and well informed. Whether you have a question on how long to cook chick peas or what are the medicinal benefits of a particular herb, our staff is ready to help. In addition, we offer a wide selection of resources on health information that is easily accessed by our customers.

YARMOUTH NATURAL is a founding member of the Health First Network, Canada’s leading national health food buying group. This network affiliates us with independent health food stores across Canada. These stores, like ours, are owned and operated by local, everyday people who care about their neighbourhoods and communities, and who are committed to helping their customers achieve better health.

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