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7c-alpha-dme-coconut-oil-family-blWhat can you do with coconut oil?

Coconut oil has many benefits and uses; you have probably heard about a lot of them. Not only can coconut oil benefit you, but it can also benefit the farmers that grow them, and the community that makes it.

The Difference Freshness Makes

Award winning fair trade DME™ is hand pressed by indigenous farmers in the Solomon Islands within 90 minutes of husking the nut. It is the only coconut oil available in Canada where everyone involved in the production earns a reasonable income. Pressing the oil within 90 minutes of husking the nut is what gives DME™ its fresher, smoother flavour and its higher antimicrobial content. You can taste the difference.

Dini Petty, Canadian natural health advocate, tells me that she only uses Alpha’s DME™ coconut oil on her face. It is, she claims, the best makeup remover. I’ll have to take her word for that.

I do use our coconut oil to shave. I used to regularly shred my face, no matter which shaving cream I used. Since I switched to coconut oil, I haven’t had a cut. I prefer our peppermint flavoured DME™ for the “morning wake-up scent.”

My wife and I have also joined others in oil-swishing, using coconut oil for oral health. Coconut oil is full of anti-microbial lauric acid. DME™ coconut oil typically has 10% more lauric acid than factory produced coconut oils. The lauric acid takes care of the pathogenic microbes, while leaving the good guys in place, providing the same benefits as mouthwash without the “scorched earth” results. It only takes 3-10 minutes a day for whiter teeth, fresher breath, and healthier gums. Here I prefer the pineapple flavour, whereas my wife is definitely a fan of the peppermint.

Although I still hear the occasional “what’s coconut oil good for,” these days I’m more likely to hear “I use coconut oil for all my cooking.” Which makes me somewhat happy. My caution is that coconut oil is good up to medium-high heat. Those high smoke point numbers come from refined coconut oil, which should be avoided.

My favourite recipe shines the spotlight on the flavour difference of DME™. It takes a fair bit of coconut oil, but it’s worthy of the fanciest restaurants. This one comes from our new Ketogenesis, 30 well fed days to a new, leaner, healthier you cookbook. With all we know about good fats, you knew we’d have to come up with the ultimate low carb high fat cookbook for weight loss and brain health. Use a straight sided pot that’s just big enough for the salmon fillet to cut back on the amount of DME™ required.


POACHED SALMON with Portobello Mushrooms on Bed of Wilted Spinach

Serves 4 | Ready in 45 minutes



320g wild salmon

240g prawns, in shell

60g scallions

200 mL DME™ Coconut Oil

1g Thai chili pepper

20g garlic, crushed

20g ginger, sliced


60 mL butter

120g portobello mushrooms

125 mL white wine

140g spinach leaves

2.5 mL potato starch in 30 mL hot water

15 mL Bragg’s soy seasoning


30 mL lime juice

30 mL rum

5 mL lime zest

1.25 mL salt

125 mL poaching oil, reserved after poaching salmon


PREHEAT oven to 100°C (225°F).

BRING fish to room temperature. Thaw and peel prawns.

CUT whites of scallions into 3 cm lengths. Chop greens fine.

MELT coconut oil in 25cm pan. Heat to 95°C (200°F). Fry scallion whites, Thai pepper, and crushed garlic until garlic becomes fragrant. Turn heat off, remove the flavourings from the oil and set aside on paper towel to drain. Put on separate baking tray in oven alongside fish.

ADD sliced ginger to the oil. Cool the oil back down to 50°C (120°F) measuring by thermometer. Move the ginger to one side, place the salmon and prawns in the oil. If the oil doesn’t cover the salmon, add more, or place half an onion in pan face down to raise oil level. The oil should cover the prawns. Put in the oven for 25 minutes.

SAUTÉ mushrooms in 30 mL butter to thoroughly heat through over medium heat. Deglaze with wine. Stir in starch diluted in water. Raise temperature to thicken sauce. Set aside and keep warm.

HEAT 30 mL butter in pan. Sauté spinach leaves until lightly wilted. Stir in Bragg’s. Serve mushrooms on bed of wilted spinach.

LIFT salmon and prawns out of oil and place on warmed plates to serve. Reserve 125 mL poaching oil for vinaigrette. Combine oil with vinaigrette ingredients and whisk together. Arrange spinach and mushrooms. Dress salmon with vinaigrette, garnish with scallion greens, and serve. Serve scallion whites and garlic on side. The Thai chili is for the adventurous types at the dinner party.

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