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Oregano & thyme: Carvacrol-rich essential oils for relief of coughs & so much more!

With the modern overuse of antibiotic pharmaceuticals and antibacterial cleaners, the harmful pathogens that we are exposed to today are becoming more aggressive and resistant. At the same time, our own immune systems have become more vulnerable to these pathogens. Thankfully, nature has provided us with effective tools to help us combat such health threats.

Oregano (origanum vulgaris) is a hardy plant grown in the high mountains of the Mediterranean. The essential oil of this mineral-dense plant has been used for thousands of years for a wide-range of health concerns in addition to its use as a food and spice.

The major active ingredient in oil of oregano is the natural phenol known as carvacrol. As noted by W.H. Martindale, “The essential oil of oregano is the most powerful plant-derived antiseptic known.”1

In studies, where molds and staphylococci bacteria were treated with both essential oils and antibiotics researchers noted, “The test results were dramatic. In each case, the essential oils proved to be many times more effective at killing the pathogenic microorganisms than the antibiotics.”2

Another essential oil that has an extensive history of medicinal human use in the Mediterranean and in Europe is thyme (thymus vulgaris). Thyme, like oregano contains carvacrol and other important

Both the World Health Organization and Health Canada’s Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) recognize the extensive traditional use of thyme in human health. NHPD’s monograph for thyme states that this valuable oil is:

• “Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as an expectorant to help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract

• Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve coughs”3

Thyme oil is commonly used in cough drops. Users of oregano and thyme oil liquid combinations together with an olive oil carrier for dilution, report a warm, soothing sensation on the throat when taken orally. With antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties, oregano and thyme oils offer a wide range of health benefits.

Recent studies published in 2010 on thyme and other essential oils have shown potential for anti-inflammatory benefits similar to the red wine antioxidant resveratrol. Thyme oil, high in carvacrol, was shown to be the most effective oil for reducing inflammatory-related COX-2 enzymes.4

Carvacrol is the main active component of oregano and certain species of thyme found in Turkey. It has been studied for antimicrobial, antitumor, antimutagenic, antigenotoxic, analges ic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, antiparasitic, antiplatelet, AChe inhibitory,
antielastase, insecticidal, antihepatotoxic and hepatoprotective properties and has also been shown useful in gastrointestinal ailments.5

Health First Orega-Supreme: Quality essential oils you can trust!

• High in Carvacrol: Health First Orega-Supreme contains oregano oil with a minimum of 80% carvacrol, one of the most important active ingredients in oregano oil in fighting bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. The thyme oil in Health First Orega-Supreme contains over 63% carvacrol. Health First Orega-Supreme contains over 20% more total carvacrol than our regular Health First Orega-First formula.

• Low in Thymol: Both the oregano and thyme oil used in Health First Orega-Supreme are tested to contain less than 2% thymol, making it effective for oral use.

• Pure & Tested: Health First Orega-Supreme as it has been tested to be free from synthetic phenols such as carbolic acid – its high carvacrol content is naturally occurring. Health First Orega-Supreme is also free from additives and chemicals.

• Pure Source: Health First Orega-Supreme is made with the best wild oregano and thyme grown and hand-harvested high in the mountains of the eastern Mediterranean.

• Organic: Not only are the oregano and thyme oils used in Orega-Supreme wild, but the soil in which it is grown has been tested and certified organic by ECOCERT®. As well, the carrier used for Health First Orega-Supreme’s oregano oil is ECOCERT® certified extra virgin olive oil, also harvested in the Mediterranean.

• Potent: Health First Orega-Supreme contains a potent combination of active oregano and thyme to carrier, yet can be taken orally directly in the mouth (use in water if too strong for you).

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