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Life is a feast, enjoy it whole!

The Whole Earth & Sea difference starts with the best raw materials – high-potency foods packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and hundreds of antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Most of these nutrient-dense plants are grown on our own Natural Factors Farms where we’ve been harvesting 100% organic crops from our own non-GMO seeds for almost a quarter century. It takes strong roots to flourish.

The Farm Fresh Factors Story
Farm Fresh Factors is a combination of organic active vegetables, organic cruciferous vegetables, organic fruits, organic herbals, and organic sea vegetables. The Farm Fresh Factors process starts with these fresh, raw, nutrient-dense plants, many grown at our Organic non-GMO farms in Kelowna B.C.

Then, using our proprietary EnviroSimplex technology, yields a concentrated biomass of bioenergetic vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. EnviroSimplex intensifies each 100 grams of living, whole food goodness – concentrating it into a 300-milligram, enzymatically vibrant biomass. This increases the potency of living food over 300 times!

Germinating New Ideas in Nutrition
At Natural Factors our goal is simple. We want to give health-minded people raw plant nutrition packed into the next generation of whole food supplements.

The Whole Earth & Sea difference is tangible. Bio-enhanced, broad-spectrum phytonutrient supplements are clearly the way of the future. And our formulas go far beyond any other product promoted as a whole food formula today.

Women’s and Women’s 50+ & Men’s and Men’s 50+ Multivitamin & Mineral
• Four formulas specially designed to meet the needs of both younger and more mature men and women
• Made with farm-fresh, organic, and sustainably grown non-GMO ingredients

Designed specifically for pregnant women
Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral
• Bioenergenic prenatal multivitamin and mineral
• Reduces the risk of neural tube defects

Supports cardiovascular health
Deep Ocean Minerals
• Contains iodine to support thyroid health
• Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats


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