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Are you one of the many Canadians suffering from a lack of quality sleep? A recent Canadian study showed that 55% of women and 43% of men between the ages of 18-49 experience sleep issues.1 Melatonin is a supplement that ...Read More
Boost your energy with simple health hacks you can use in the morning, noon or night. 1. Eat Breakfast Like a King Get your motor running! Nuts, seeds, greens are great choices to kick-start your morning. A 2017 study found ...Read More
When it comes to stress, there is no shortage of symptoms. Among the top cited symptoms of mental and emotional stress are: • Frequent headaches • Neck ache, back pain, muscle spasms • Light-headedness, faintness, dizziness • Gritting, grinding teeth; ...Read More
When it comes to health benefits, some minerals get more attention than the others. Calcium and iron both get a great deal of focus in the health media; calcium is well-known for its role in health bones and iron for ...Read More
Most of us tend to think of the brain as an isolated control centre for all our other organs. But the fact is, our inner workings are far more synergistic. According to Karen Jensen, naturopathic doctor and author of Three ...Read More
Are You’re Healthy Efforts Leaking Away? What you should know about a Leaky Gut. Leaky gut is a condition in which the lining in your gut isn’t functioning well, so nutrient absorption is hindered and the gut becomes permeable to ...Read More
If you’re not sleeping well, chances are you’ll try anything. But did you know one simple mineral may be the solution? Insomniacs know exactly what to avoid: late afternoon lattes, too much screen time, intense evening cardio. But many people ...Read More
3.3 million Canadians share your pain. Find out why and how to break the cycle. Why Can’t I Sleep? Canadians are increasingly tired and find it easy to fall asleep when we shouldn’t - at our desks, on the train, ...Read More
Bach® Original Flower Remedies & RESCUE Remedy: Past and Present In the early 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach, a successful doctor in London, believed that attitude and mental state played a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illnesses. He ...Read More
For improved sleep (and more!) Elemental magnesium is an important mineral for optimal health. It can be obtained from many foods, with leafy green vegetables being one of the best sources. Magnesium (Mg) supplementation has become popular over the past ...Read More
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