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vitafarm_welcomeThe Vitamin Farm began in 1983 and has evolved over the years (as all business does). We started as a small store in a strip mall with one staff member. We are located in downtown Edmonton (Edmonton City Centre East).

Specialty Products:
For customers requiring products not in stock we do special orders. Most times we can provide these products, some exceptions do apply.

Mail Orders:
We have customers from B.C. to P.E.I. so feel free to call us on our toll free line (1-800-463-9865). Postage is free for the first 2 kilos on orders over $50.00. If you are house bound in Edmonton or Calgary we can use couriers to get the products to you.

Sign-up for our e-newsletters and you will receive 2 informative emails per month and 1 email near the end of the month about our “Customer Appreciation Day.”

Health First Network:
The Vitamin Farm is a proud member of the Health First Network – an association of independent health food store owners. We have banded together in order to provide you with quality products at fair prices. You will see the benefit of this organization in the quality of our newsletters and the value in our flyers.


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