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In addition to our nationally recognized brand name vendors whose products we proudly stock for you on a regular basis, we also carry the following quality products from these fine suppliers:

Fresh, frozen raw food for cats and dogs, locally produced in Saskatoon.
“The raw food diet provides nutrition that heat processed foods do not and is a diet suited to their species.”
Feed your pets “RAW!” They will thrive and love you for it! Please visit Carnivora’s website for more information www.carnivora.ca.

Pine View Farms
“At Pine View Farms, all poultry and livestock are locally raised on a healthy vegetarian diet, free of growth promoting medications and hormones in a stress free environment.”
We have a large selection of their delicious, flavourful, healthy chicken and beef! You won’t go back! Please visit Pine View Farms website for more information www.pineviewfarms.com.

Joan’s Beeswax Candles – 100% Pure Beeswax
Joan’s candles are hand dipped in 100% beeswax that is locally sourced from area beekeepers, supporting the local bee industry.
Not only do we get raves about Joan’s candles, her Beeswax Cream (unscented or beautifully scented with essential oil of lavender) flies off the shelf! Simply made and wonderfully effective!
Please visit Joan’s Beeswax Candles website at www.joans-beeswax-candles.com.

True Essence Essential Oils – Distributed by Rae Dunphy Aromatics, Calgary, AB
Rae is the most experienced merchant of essential oils in Canada. We have been carrying her oils for over a decade now. She specializes in superlative organic and wild crafted essential oils, sourced from small producers the world over.
Please visit True Essence Essential Oils website for more information www.raedunphy.ca.

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