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Fish oil supplements: Safe, potent and fresh? A Canadian independent testing service can give you the answers. Despite decades of research on the cardiovascular and cognitive benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, most consumers have only recently become ...Read More
The Microflora The human microbiome or microflora is an evolving collection of trillions of microorganisms that reside on and within our body. Humans are colonized by an estimated 100 billion bacteria which have developed a synergistic relationship with our bodies ...Read More
sofiecDigestion, Probiotics
CHFA Shares Five Trends to Help Boost Canadians Health in 2017 Every new year, we make resolutions to eat better and improve our health. But after the holidays are over, we realize how difficult this can be, and can feel ...Read More
sofiecHealthy Living
Are you sick of feeling groggy, foggy and tired when you wake up, and then again in the mid to late afternoon? You’ve met your match. Bulletproof Coffee – the blended up mix of Upgraded Coffee™, Brain Octane™ Oil, and ...Read More
Cold & flu season is upon us. Learn more about the role herbs play in helping your body defend and protect itself.  DEEP IMMUNE: THE PERFECT HERBAL RESPONSE TO DEEP WINTER Now that the New Year is here, it’s time ...Read More
What’s the best way to supplement your B vitamins? Single vitamins or complex? There are several vitamins belonging to the “family” known as the B vitamin complex. B vitamins are coenzymes involved in numerous bodily functions in human health: the ...Read More
Happiness starts with you! Read on to discover some tips on being a happier, healthier you. Better Sleep Eat less. In a 2016 multicenter study, healthy adults who ate a calorie-restricted diet enjoyed better sleep and mood. Calorie-restricted diets are ...Read More
sofiecHealthy Living
Beat the winter blues with omega3+ joy  Boost Your Mood This Winter As the days get darker, many people report feeling a little more down in the dumps than usual. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 15 ...Read More
For many of us, the New Year symbolizes new beginnings and goals. Weight loss is often times at the top of our resolution list. The truth is that weight management is a complex, multifaceted issue. Aside from lifestyle modifications such ...Read More
Cold and flu season is upon us! The late Fall season through early Spring is typically the peak period for the most commonly-occurring viral infections; influenza-like illnesses including the flu, and upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold. ...Read More
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