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For growing kids, a multivitamin can help nourish a developing body and keep a learning mind more alert. For a young adult, it can help provide the nutrients lacking from their diet, leaving them better equipped to deal with the ...Read More
The prostate is a small gland at the bottom of the bladder that surrounds the urethra. The urethra is the tube from which urine and semen are excreted. The prostate produces the prostatic fluid in which semen travel. The major ...Read More
If you’re already having trouble getting your beauty rest due to menopausal night sweats, the last thing you need is your husband interrupting what little sleep you do manage to get with his frequent trips to the bathroom. For both ...Read More
All of the parts of your body work as a team. When one part is not well, it affects the whole body. Get Your Guide to Whole Body Health! What is the key to feeling your best? Whole body health! ...Read More
Ladies and gentlemen, if you wake-up at night…. Make it for the right reason! The Change of Life Luckily, age is just a number. However, as we get older, there are a few threatening problems that can affect quality of ...Read More
Along its vast 7,000 km length, the Andes Mountain range of South America hides many ancient secrets. One such secret – the lost mountain-top city of Machu Picchu – was rediscovered in 1911. More recently a natural remedy cultivated in ...Read More
Unique Phytosterol Blend Improves Daily Immune System Health Over the past two decades, understanding immune system health has come to the forefront of natural health discussions because we've realized not only the significance of balanced immune health, but also how ...Read More
Back to school already? With summer vacation coming to an end, it's hard for kids (and you) to get back into the “routines”… Get a jump-start for back-to-school with Bio-Strath For many families, summertime means more flexible and carefree routines ...Read More
Prostate health – support for the aging man (and yes we all get older) As our male population is aging prostate health becomes an increasingly common concern. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland found only in men, it produces a ...Read More
One out of every five men over the age of 40 has tried ED drugs, with 48 percent experiencing at least one side effect. Sexual Feelings: Erectile Dysfunction By Brad King, M.S., MFS Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the ...Read More
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