Happier and healthier men and women!

If you’re already having trouble getting your beauty rest due to menopausal night sweats, the last thing you need is your husband interrupting what little sleep you do manage to get with his frequent trips to the bathroom.

For both men and women, it’s changes in hormone levels that are causing the disturbances.

For women, falling oestrogen […]

Tis the season of colds and flu

Holiday season can wreak havoc on our immune systems. From stress, to eating and drinking things we don’t normally consume (and perhaps more than we normally would), to sleepless nights, and just plain exhaustion. These are all contributing factors to knocking down our immune systems and preventative care is the key to steer clear of […]

The unique benefits of fermented herb shots

How does fermentation work?
Fermentation uses microbes to alter the chemistry of the food to make them less susceptible to damage. Friendly yeasts and bacteria begin the process of digesting the sugars within the foods, creating acids that prevent spoilage from non-probiotic microbes. These acids give fermented foods their characteristic tang and provide a number of […]

Organic is beautiful

The shocking truth is that even the best multivitamins currently available on the market are not made directly from food. Many of these products contain chemical isolates derived from either “natural” sources that often times come from GMOs or other undesirable synthetic materials. Additionally, all those in the form of a tablet contain additional chemicals […]

Upgrade your energy while lowering stress

So, you’ve tried stress formulas before, and they all turned out to be drowsy disasters or stimulant nightmares? They either knock you out leaving you feeling hungover in the morning or they make you feel like you’re on 12 cups of coffee.

Unlike many formulas that depend on sedatives or stimulants, StressCare was formulated for safe, […]

Fish oil for heart health

Heart health, while most prevalent in the month of February, is an essential part of living a long, healthy life, all year round. Although there are no Band-Aid fixes or magic pills to give you a strong heart, there are many ways you can take control of your health. One such factor that has been […]

Something kind for your body, taste buds, and the world!

Since its founding, KIND has been on a mission to help people do the kind thing for their body, their taste buds and their world. What began with just eight bar varieties in 2004 has grown to more than 23 bars and clusters, with a multitude of new recipes being perfected in the KIND kitchen […]

Can medicinal mushrooms combat stress?

What makes medicinal mushrooms so effective against stress?

In order to effectively combat stress, it is more important than ever to support our immune system. It is why more of us are turning to supplementation and medicinal mushrooms to help manage stress.

Mushrooms such as agaricusi, cordycepsii, coriolusiii, reishiiv, maitake, shiitakev and others have emerged as effective […]

A healthy gut is essential for a healthy body

If new research has taught us anything, it’s that a healthy gut is essential for a healthy body. The gut is affected by our sleep habits, the food that we eat, our mental state (e.g. stress level), and, of course, the supplements that we take. To nourish and support the microbiome, look no further than […]

Battle Stress the Healthy Way

In today’s world, stress can come from many sources: traffic, finances, and even the approaching holiday season!

Here are 4 ways you can battle stress, and which foods, nutrients and herbs will help you conquer those stressful feelings.

1. Fuelled and Ready
The adrenal glands get a big workout every time the photocopier jams, the computer erases your […]