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Back to school already?
With summer vacation coming to an end, it’s hard for kids (and you) to get back into the “routines”…

Get a jump-start for back-to-school with Bio-Strath
For many families, summertime means more flexible and carefree routines … and the holiday from school translates into varied wakeup times and different activities…

As vacation time dwindles down, the long summer days of fun filled activities are quickly coming to an end – soon to be replaced with the hustle and bustle of more concrete schedules – racing, reading, retaining and reacting!

Help is at hand…

For children and youngsters

Bio-Strath is now clinically proven to assist children to behave better, listen attentively and to enjoy school!

The nutrients provided in Bio-Strath are very easy for growing bodies to absorb because they are in a natural form, making them readily absorbable and recognizable by the cells. Its vitamin and mineral content support the immune system and, combined with a complete essential amino acid profile, is especially useful for the growth process – 61 nutrients in all! Bio-Strath also has an ability to promote concentration, improve responsiveness and enhance mental and physical performance.

Students dealing with lack of attention and concentration[1] stand to benefit from this amazing formula. Bio-Strath provides nutritional support, often missing from these children’s diets, and helps to recreate homeostasis (balance) in their systems. In addition, Bio-Strath naturally balances blood sugar levels.

All this creating a desirable natural balance in youngsters’ results in a decrease of illness, which, in turn, reduces the need for antibiotics. Antibiotics often have negative side effects and are responsible for the breakdown of healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract. Supplementing with Bio-Strath will help fortify their immune system which in turn means better attendance at school.

And for you…

Insufficient sleep, poor eating habits, information/work overload, just to name a few, are daily stresses most of us may experience to different degrees, but which take their toll and often take control of our already hectic lives. While our mental and physical wellbeing should be our top priorities, they often take a back seat to managing our daily responsibilities, depleting our immune systems and leaving us fatigued, stressed-out, run-down and “flat.”

Life in the fast (and not so fast) lane often mandates an “eat and run” lifestyle that offers little or no nutritional value and minimal sleep, which, in turn, plays havoc on our immune system. How we feel dictates how we look. It stands to reason that if our immune system operates at its peak, we are less susceptible to viruses, colds and other external factors which attack our immune system daily. If we feel better, we look better. If we look better, we naturally feel happier.

Bounce back with Bio-Strath

Bio-Strath Food Supplements are based on a nutritional yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This yeast has long been recognized for its immune system enhancing properties and for its source of natural B-vitamins.

In the manufacturing process, selected plant extracts are fed to live Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. The product is then plasmolysed (liquefied), releasing vital nutrients (stored in the cells) for optimum absorption by the body.

Bio-Strath contains no synthetics, no preservatives, no fillers, no binders and no dilutants. Not even added water!  Bio-Strath fortifies the immune system, helping to revitalize and enhance energy levels. Malt extract, raw honey and unprocessed orange juice give this nutritional supplement its pleasant taste. Bio-Strath is also available in a sweetener-free tablet and in drops.

Bio-Strath has more than 36 published clinical trials to prove it’s efficacy in your child’s life, as well as in yours and the rest of the family.



[1] Influence of a food supplement on the behaviour of children with attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD) Stephen König and Peter Joller Pädiatrie 1/2006


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