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For growing kids, a multivitamin can help nourish a developing body and keep a learning mind more alert. For a young adult, it can help provide the nutrients lacking from their diet, leaving them better equipped to deal with the ...Read More
Digestive health is HOT! It seems that ‘microbiome’ is the word on everyone’s minds these days. A healthy gut microbiome can influence everything from digestion, to immunity and even mood. Genuine Health believes that something this important to our health ...Read More
Everyone lives with their own personal microbiome – a highly diverse ecosystem that we coexist with in and on our bodies. Best known is the intestinal flora – an “inner garden” of thousands of species of microorganisms, so important to ...Read More
If you’re already having trouble getting your beauty rest due to menopausal night sweats, the last thing you need is your husband interrupting what little sleep you do manage to get with his frequent trips to the bathroom. For both ...Read More
As women, we have two significant hormonal shifts in our life: teenage puberty and then the change of life leading into menopause. Although these are natural transitions in life, they can be extremely challenging when our body has difficulty adapting ...Read More
Overactive bladder (OAB) affects 20–40% of women in middle age and older (1). This includes symptoms of increased daytime and nighttime urinary frequency, an uncontrolled sudden urge to urinate, and incontinence. OAB and other forms of bladder irritation can have ...Read More
Psst! Ladies, this is just for you – get the inside scoop on nutrients for your most nagging health issues. Teens Buzz! It’s another text. Too bad they aren’t texting about calcium, mental health, or the importance of zinc and ...Read More
Menopause is the phase of a woman’s life, typically between the ages of 40 and 55, when ovulation and fertility come to an end. The World Health Organization defines menopause as 12 consecutive months without menstruation and the absence of ...Read More
All of the parts of your body work as a team. When one part is not well, it affects the whole body. Get Your Guide to Whole Body Health! What is the key to feeling your best? Whole body health! ...Read More
Ladies and gentlemen, if you wake-up at night…. Make it for the right reason! The Change of Life Luckily, age is just a number. However, as we get older, there are a few threatening problems that can affect quality of ...Read More
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