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Organic Red SuperFoods Blend Remember when the green superfood revolution began? We sure do. Prairie Naturals helped establish this vital lifestyle trend of eating more colourful, antioxidant-rich plant foods with the launch of our Colours of HealthTM family of whole ...Read More
Food. Glorious food. Whatever you are celebrating this holiday season, chances are you are celebrating it with food. Food plays a major part in most holidays. Extended family dinners, special foods, favorite recipes. And, in most cases, baked or cooked ...Read More
Forks digging into tender turkey pieces dripping with gravy. Handfuls of tiny, sweet treats left over from trick or treating. It is holiday season and our calendars are overcrowded with upcoming holiday parties. With all of the food we eat ...Read More
Improve your holiday habits so you can enjoy every holly, jolly moment of the season. 4 solutions to common holiday mishaps – and, healthy ideas to make this the most joyful season ever! The hussle and bussle of the holidays ...Read More
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3 Reasons Why the World is Choosing Plant Protein  The realm of protein powder is under constant evolution. It was once considered a hardcore product for bodybuilders that could make the average person “bulk up” too much. It was thought ...Read More
The 2 Not-So-Secret Costs to Eating Well (and how to beat them) We live in a fast-pace world, full of opportunities to get out there and do more in less time. Whether it’s work, family, hobbies or daily errands, our ...Read More
Greet your routine with renewed energy from phytonutrient-rich greens+! The perfect way to maximize nourishment with a busy schedule! Summer days are pretty much behind us as we return to the daily grind. With the coming of September comes a ...Read More
Protein is a hot topic, but sometimes, we just need the basics—not a novel. Get the 411 on protein here! Protein, protein, protein. It’s the most popular of all the macronutrients. Protein is definitely riding a Maverick-size wave right now, ...Read More
Rawsome: A Sound & Innovative Nutritional Option. Over the past ten years the demand for organically grown food has risen exponentially. There are many factors influencing this trend, but superior taste, greater nutritional value, avoidance of synthetic pesticide residues and ...Read More
Looking for ways to help you get back to your routine? Follow these meal planning tips to help you achieve your healthy goals! Meal Planning 101: Tips to Get Back to Routine Whether you’re committed to sticking to your healthy ...Read More
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