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An integral approach to allergy relief

When we speak of allergies, we typically mean symptoms arising from sensitivity to airborne allergens like grass, pollen, dust and dander. Manifestations are known as rhinitis, and include sneezing, itchy and runny nose and irritated eyes and throat.

Allergy Products on the Market
Most allergy products available are meant to treat acute allergies, i.e. short, severe episodes of allergic reaction. The major category of drug medication is the antihistamines, while on the natural side there are nutritional supplements like Quercetin, a naturally occurring bioflavonoid that lowers airway reactivity to airborne allergens. But do these approaches cure allergies?

Allergies are Curable!
While many products seek to reduce symptoms, few are in fact curative. Most allergy-prone people suffer with predictable bouts of annual hay fever. Others have protracted allergies from which they suffer chronically. Taking antihistamines or even natural products like Quercetin is a band-aid, reducing symptoms but never curing the condition. Is cure possible? In my view, yes.

Allergies are an Immune Problem
Immune function is a delicate balance between competing subsets of immune cells. Noteworthy among allergy sufferers is a predominance of one subset of immune cells known as T-helper cells. Those with the imbalance are also more prone to autoimmune diseases, infections, and cancer! Re-balancing this immune issue is at the heart of allergy cure, and there are no better herbs for this than the traditional Chinese herbs, Astragalus and Reishi. Both are revered in the TCM tradition for rebalancing immune function. Both have demonstrated effectiveness in clinical trials for allergies. The remaining herbal ingredients, nettles, schisandra, and prickly ash, all have their merits as allergy herbs, being especially good at restoring mucous membrane (the nasal and sinus lining) health and integrity.

Homeopathic Ingredients
Homeopathic medicines are ideally suited for acute allergy symptoms. Notable ingredients like the well-studied Galphimia glauca are comparable in effectiveness to conventional antihistamines, based on a number of clinical trials.

Thus, this formula addresses both acute allergy symptoms and the underlying, chronic mechanisms by which these symptoms come about. It is recommended to start treatment at minimum 4-6 weeks ahead of the season. Even if you have not initiated therapy in advance, you can still expect quick relief of symptoms, but cure may take several seasons of faithful use.

Best of seasonal health!


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