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1. After a couple BIE sessions, which helped my body come back into balance, I am now able to eat all of the things I enjoy.  I no longer have any pain or bloating.  Danielle has impacted the rest of my life.

~Ryan, Ingersoll, ON

2. Thank you so much for your excellent, professional care and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who struggles with allergies.

~Woodstock, ON

3. I am doing very well after the BIE session for my diet coke/aspartame cravings. Before, when I would try to stop drinking it, I would experience terrible headaches. I am not having any headaches like I used to and I am not craving it at all. I do not even think about it. I feel a lot better now that I am not dependent on diet coke. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!

~Carolyn Siegner, Stratford, ON

4. I am a 14 year old girl who suffered from severe bowel spasms and for the last 3-4 years have only gotten 5-6 hours of sleep each night waking up for hours in the middle of the night. Since Danielle discovered my dairy sensitivity, I have not had one bowel spasm since! Also, with using the BIE technique, I am now sleeping the entire night every night! Thanks to Danielle my glorious sleep has been returned to me.

~Woodstock ON

5.As an overweight middle age woman with several health issues and years of stress I was feeling tired, run down and had little motivation. After Danielle took the time to investigate she placed me on a 30 day yeast cleanse. I am now 4 days from completing that cleanse, am down 22 pounds and have not felt this good in years! I have energy and enthusiasm and most of my health issues have disappeared! If I can accomplish this in 26 days I look forward to the end result!

 ~Woodstock, Ontario

6.I am so pleased with the BIE results. I am now able to eat so many foods I’ve had to omit out of my diet for years. I’m now able to eat dairy, eggs, corn and wheat without the dreaded consequences. I would recommend BIE to anyone.

~Nancy H, Ingersoll, ON

7.After only a few visits with Danielle, Liam’s symptoms disappeared. He is able to eat dairy on a daily basis and he has never again experienced any kind of discomfort. I would highly recommend Danielle

~ Venesa, Woodstock, ON

8.I am now able to eat, drink and take health food supplements with ease! Thanks Danielle.

~Katelyn Gehring

9.I was sick of putting up with the excessive bathroom visits after a night of drinking, even if I only drank one beer. After seeing Danielle, I no longer have any gastrointestinal issues.

~Katelyn Gehring

10.I can now eat apples with no discomfort. Its great!

~Ryan Korevaar, Norwich, ON

11.I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you. You have helped me so much; life is a lot easier these days. Since I was a child I have always been a headache sufferer as well as had a VERY sensitive digestive system. It was not until after the birth of my first child that I began to experience allergy symptoms, and a lot of sinus infections as well as more reoccurring headaches. I had been to see an allergist twice and each time when I left the office I left with disappointment. The results were always the same, “no allergies just sensitivities”, but to what was my question. Years went by and I was continually having one sinus infection after another (usually monthly), and was sent to see an Ears, Nose and Throat doctor. I was told by this doctor that sinus surgery was necessary. In November of 2008 I had the surgery and all seemed to go along well for a couple of years. In 2010 the infections were starting to reoccur again along with the headaches. I would get the headaches so bad that no amount of Tylenol or Advil would get rid of them and the only solution was to go to bed.

I had begun to pin point a few things that would set off a headache, things like cigarette smoke, perfumes, colognes, scented creams, and candles, basically anything that had a fragrance. One day I was at the arena watching my son play hockey and my brother sat down in front of me, instantly I noticed the cologne. I began to plug up, the headache set in and after an hour of hockey I was having a hard time breathing. By the time I had put the kids to bed that night I was finding it VERY hard to breath and so I went to the ER where I was put on a ventalin treatment.

In January of 2011 I had finally said to myself, “enough is enough, I have to do something”. I was getting my hair cut one day and was telling my hairdresser about what had happened and how I was feeling and she told me about this practitioner in Woodstock, Ont that she had gone to. Now I am not always a believer in this sort of thing, but at this point I thought what have I got to lose.

I made my appointment to see Danielle and was amazed at what I found out. I was tested for foods, environmental allergens, seasonal plants and pollens, molds, vitamins, fragrances, and many more items. As it turns out my BIGGEST issues were molds, some foods, house hold toxins and environmental. After the first session I began to develop a cough and was coughing up green solids. Also, after the first session I could actually smell the dryer sheets that I use. I never knew what they smelt like, only knew that after sniffing the box it was not too bad on my sinuses and the apple of the front of the box indicated what they should smell like. When I smelt it I could actually pick out a spicy smell. I could also smell my husband’s coffee brewing and I have not been able to smell coffee in about 5 yrs. After the second session I noticed that I no longer found it hard to breath, and I did not plug up, and it had been a while since I had a headache. After seeing Danielle, life for me has been much more enjoyable, I rarely ever get a headache, I can go into the arena and watch my son play hockey and not plug up, and I am getting better sleep which means a better day for everyone. LOL.

After discovering a mold sensitivity I have had to avoid things like, vinegar, soy sauce, cantaloupe, strawberries, cheese, beer, wine, and grapes. Who would have thought these all contain mold or have mold spores on them. Since I have been avoiding these things as well as gluten my digestive system has improved and headaches are far and few between.

I highly recommend Danielle at the Inside U in Woodstock. She has changed my life. I can now enjoy life instead of spending most of my time taking Tylenol like they are “skittles”, feeling lousy, and having to miss out on things because I have to go to bed due to the headache.

The headaches are rare, the pain is only there if I eat something I should not, I have more energy and feel great. An added bonus I found with not eating the gluten, I not only feel better but I lost 33 lbs.

I have been seeing Danielle since January 2011

Thank-you Danielle.

~Melissa, Otterville, Ont

12.We had been at a cottage for the last 2 weeks, we were cleaning out the fridge and someone had left a diet coke in it. I had no desire to drink it but I did, I took 2 sips – hated the taste so I poured it down the drain. Never in my life did I ever think I would throw out a diet coke. So it is still going great just after one session.

~Diane Stein, Tavistock

13.Before I went to Danielle, I was always feeling sick to my stomach, not able to eat much and felt very down all the time. Ever since seeing Danielle I have been able to eat all sorts of things without any side effects. My body is balanced!

~Hailey Giles, Woodstock, ON


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*** Due to regulations in Ontario, naturopathic doctors are not allowed to post testimonials.

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