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Garden Love:

Do you love gardening?


Would you like to help those in need improve their daily nutrition?


Join us in our mission to make fresh, natural, and healthy food available to everyone in our community through a new project called “garden love”!
Why Garden Love?
Many of us enjoy gardening throughout the growing season, and are rewarded with fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetables for our efforts- sometimes we even have too much in one harvest! Not only is the produce from our gardens full of essential nutrients contributing to all aspects of health, we also benefit from quality time spent in the soil and fresh air. 
Not everyone has the opportunity to provide quality food for themselves or their families, and sometimes the thought of starting a garden for the first time is overwhelming, or just not plausible. This year, consider donating your extra veggies, or set aside some garden space to grow some food for families in need.
With garden love, we’d like to invite everyone in our community to help us inspire one another to grow good food, exchange knowledge and experience, and share in the benefits that gardening has to offer. 
This growing season, we will have set days and locations where you can bring your garden produce donations, and garden love will ensure that those in need will receive fresh food through programs such as Operation Sharing and The Fava’s. If you are interested in veggie pick-up at your home, please send/leave us your home address and contact info!
No garden or pot is too small, and no donation insignificant!
Sign up for weekly email updates, info on other garden love events to come, and more ways to become involved! There is a sign-up sheet at the Woodstock Inside U health centre (located at 682 Peel St.) where you can leave your email address. Inside U has graciously shown their support for Garden Love by allowing us the use of their front lawn for a vegetable garden, as well as offering a place for those interested to sign up, leave cash donations, and get involved!
Some garden love activities this season will include:
  • Inside U front lawn transformation from lawn to organic veggie garden
  • workshops on gardening, seed saving, preserving
  • kids’ growing event
  • articles covering various gardening/veggie topics 


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Inside U Matters is our educational event series showcasing industry experts who cover topics most important to our customers. Our goal is to bring the community together and offer a safe place to answer questions, learn new information and have fun! Subscribe to our newsletter and check our Events page for our upcoming Inside U Matters events!

Inside U Matters Educational Event Videos

Event # 4 “10 Essential Habits for Joyous Health” – with Joy McCarthy RNCP (Genuine Health)

Event # 3 “Medicinal Mushrooms – A Superfood Renaissance” – with Dr. Annie Salsberg ND (TallGrass)

Event # 2 “Natural Solutions for Insomnia, Anxiety and Belly Fat” – with Dr. Kate Rheaume- Bleue ND (Natural Factors)

Save The Bees!

 As many of you know, we are passionate about helping our community live healthier everyday. Since bees are part of our community, we want them to be healthy too. Please check out our video about how world renown mycologist Paul Stamets is using mushrooms to save the honey bees!


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