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Just about everyone has some kind of health problem to solve. Nutritional therapy is proving to be a safe and e­ffective solution to many of our most common and debilitating health problems. While getting all the daily nutritional factors we ...Read More
Herbal relief for a variety of respiratory conditions Take a deep breath Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathing deeply to fill our lungs with fresh, life-sustaining oxygen is something we take for granted. Only when a respiratory condition interferes with our ...Read More
sofiecRespiratory Health
What is a Solution?Dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, & suspensions must be dissolved by digestive secretions or stomach acid (HCL), then ionized (solubilized) in order to be absorbed.  This is a disadvantage, since stomach acid levels are unpredictable.  In ...Read More
With the modern overuse of antibiotic pharmaceuticals and antibacterial cleaners, the harmful pathogens that we are exposed to today are becoming more aggressive and resistant. At the same time, our own immune systems have become more vulnerable to these pathogens. ...Read More
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