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Category "amino-acids"
You may have noticed that γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a popular supplement ingredient found either as a stand alone or in a formula for stress and/or sleep. What is GABA? GABA by definition is both an amino acid (although it ...Read More
Amino Acids (AA) are the building blocks of proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters and antioxidants. They are the fundamental components in the structure of every cell in the human body. There are 20 Amino Acids that are directly encoded by the universal ...Read More
Amino acid L-Glutamine is natural food for the muscles, supporting recovery, strength, and immunity, especially after strenuous exercise or illness. L-Glutamine – Natural Food for Muscles and the Immune System! Glutamine is an amino acid that is vital for building ...Read More
Plant-powered athletes get a surprising performance boost from eating clean. But fueling your workouts (and your life) with plants has a fringe benefit—it’s better for the planet’s health, too.Celebrate Earth Month with Clean, Plant-based Sports NutritionYou’re already bringing reusable shopping ...Read More
Fuel for Functional Strength Whether you’re gearing up for hockey season, starting to train indoors for a spring half or full marathon, or just hoping to stay healthy throughout the holiday season, functional strength is probably on your mind—whether you know ...Read More
Stuck in Monday morning traffic in your compact car with your carpool buddy, you might groan as you crawl by a massive SUV with only the driver on board. But before you lament the apparent lack of consideration the driver ...Read More
The war on herpes has raged for centuries.  In the first century A.D., Tiberius, Emperor of Rome, actually banned kissing to combat a herpes epidemic.  Now, new research is providing successful treatment alternatives.One such alternative is the amino acid l-lysine.  ...Read More
New Year’s resolutions are easy to make but hard to keep, especially when it comes to fitness. In fact, it is reported that only about 8% of us are actually successful at keeping our promises. And it is no wonder. ...Read More
Tis’ the season! Let the holiday madness begin. Between hours of shopping, parties, events and celebrations; the holiday season can be a sneaky culprit that often takes the blame for skipped meals and unhealthy snacking during this busy time of ...Read More
What is the key to keeping the holidays happy, healthy and stress free? Staying balanced and keeping up your energy!  Plenty of sleep, smart scheduling and proper nourishment are of the utmost importance when keeping body and mind in balance ...Read More
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