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You have probably noticed that the natural health world has gone crazy for collagen lately. Although it has been around for years, this new popular supplement has come back with fresh excitement—and for good reason. We all want to live ...Read More
Discover a Holistic Approach to Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis† and Relieve Joint Pain—Wild-Crafted Plant-Sourced Calcium and Whole-Herb Turmeric Key Nutrients for Bone Strength Bone Strength Take Care™ delivers plant-sourced Calcium, a critical mineral for bone health. Calcium intake, when ...Read More
The link between bone health and cardiovascular health Osteoporosis, the weakening of the bones due to bone mineral loss, afflicts over two million Canadians, with many more going undiagnosed. The disease is associated with increased bone fractures and a loss of ...Read More
Vitamin K2 is a little-known vitamin that is essential for strong, healthy bones and a healthy cardiovascular system. The little-known vitamin with big benefits Vitamin K2 might not be as well known as vitamins C or D, but it’s no ...Read More
Not all folks find dairy their ideal source of calcium, but getting enough calcium is important for so many reasons! Calcium helps in the maintenance of teeth. Bet your teeth want to bite into that news! As for maintaining your ...Read More
Bone density and osteoporosis in Canada Osteoporosis is an all-too-common disease where decreased bone density leads to an increased risk of breakage. Bone fractures from osteoporosis most frequently affect the wrist, spine and hip, injuries which can lead to disfigurement, ...Read More
Don’t ignore this mineral! Magnesium awareness on the rise…at last When it comes to health benefits, some minerals get more attention than the others. Calcium and iron both get a great deal of focus in the health media; calcium is ...Read More
Super Woman: Nutrition Secrets to Conquer Your Top 6 Health Concerns Even strong, vivacious women have health concerns. Here’s the latest news from women’s health researchers, including some surprisingly powerful nutrients every gal should know about. Arm yourselves ladies! Bone ...Read More
Whole Earth & Sea represents a major breakthrough in dietary supplements, including innovative whole food formulas to support a healthy heart. Whole food nutrition for a healthy heart Heart disease and stroke remain the leading causes of death in Canada ...Read More
Vitamin C is an important antioxidant in the human body and along with lysine, is essential for heart health and more… Why You Need Vitamin C and Lysine for Heart Health and More.. Vitamin C is arguably the single most ...Read More
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