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If you’re not sleeping well, chances are you’ll try anything. But did you know one simple mineral may be the solution? Insomniacs know exactly what to avoid: late afternoon lattes, too much screen time, intense evening cardio. But many people ...Read More
Bach® Original Flower Remedies & RESCUE Remedy: Past and Present In the early 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach, a successful doctor in London, believed that attitude and mental state played a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illnesses. He ...Read More
You could be ironed-out. Iron deficiency and anemia – Could this be the cause of your fatigue and lack of stamina? The World Health Organization of the United Nations calls iron deficiency anemia the world’s most prevalent nutritional disorder, affecting ...Read More
For improved sleep (and more!) Elemental magnesium is an important mineral for optimal health. It can be obtained from many foods, with leafy green vegetables being one of the best sources. Magnesium (Mg) supplementation has become popular over the past ...Read More
Low serotonin levels are often associated with sleeping disorders, however low serotonin levels can also cause fatigue, low moods, cravings and more... Be Happy 😃…. Not SAD ☹️ Low moods and wintertime in Canada often go hand in hand. Reduced sunlight ...Read More
Ashwagandha: Helping the body deal with mental and physical stress Stress and anxiety – On the rise in Canada Stress. It’s something that all of us experience, regardless of job, geographic location or family situation. Stress is the body’s response ...Read More
What makes immune protection such a strong pillar of optimal health? The prevalence of modern day stress has been met by a shift in how we manage it while protecting our immune system. That shift has become a fundamental pillar ...Read More
Beat the winter blues with omega3+ joy  Boost Your Mood This Winter As the days get darker, many people report feeling a little more down in the dumps than usual. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 15 ...Read More
Stress can affect us in different ways during different times, eve during the Holidays. Sometimes the Holidays can even increase our stress levels making it difficult to get through them. Don’t let stress bring you down – no matter what ...Read More
Natural Calm and Heavenly Sleep, The Dynamic Duo for Sleep It’s been over ten years now since I had my first cup of Natural Calm Magnesium.  I had been suffering with insomnia for many years, having trouble getting to sleep ...Read More
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