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Locations & Hours


          Cambridge Fiddleheads Smoothie Bar Cafe
          480 Hespeler Road, Cambridge

          Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm
          Saturday 9am – 6pm
          Sunday 11am – 5pm

          Offerings : Full Kitchen & Cafe – smoothies, hot drinks, daily soups, salads,
          hot meals, wraps, panini’s and baked goods

          Bruce Fiddleheads Smoothie Bar Cafe 
          25 Bruce Street,

          Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm
          Saturday 9am – 6pm
          Sunday 11am – 5pm

          Offerings : smoothies, hot drinks, take’n’go salads, wraps and baked goods

          Highland Fiddleheads Smoothie Bar Cafe
          438 Highland Road West, Kitchener
          519- 749-8473

          Monday to Wednesday 9am – 7pm
          Thursday to Friday 9am – 8pm
          Saturday 9am – 5pm
          Sunday 12am – 5pm

          Offerings : smoothies, select take’n’go items and baked goods


          Balsam St Smoothie Bar Cafe
          62 Balsam St, Waterloo

          Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm
          Saturday 10am – 6pm
          Sunday 12pm – 5pm

          Offerings : Full Kitchen & Cafe 


Smoothies & Hot Drinks

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