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Protect your digestive system and immune health

If adventuring in the snow, enjoying mountain views, travelling and eating delicious goodies are in your plans over the next few months, you’ll want to make sure that your digestive system and immune health will be protected. For that, you should turn to good quality probiotics to boost your immune system and digestive enzymes to make sure you enjoy the delicious food without the unpleasant gas and bloating this holiday season. Here is why:

Digestive enzymes and probiotics are powerful – both play key roles in gut and digestive health. Enzymes keep your intestinal microflora in balance and probiotics protect you from bad bacteria.

Digestive enzymes break up the foods we eat into basic building blocks that our body then absorbs and reassembles to build cells, tissues, organs, glands and entire body systems. They keep digestion strong and ensure proteins are properly broken down and absorbed.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are present in a healthy gastrointestinal tract that protect, balance and keep intestinal microorganisms in check. These living organisms provide immunological, nutritional, and psychological benefits. In addition, they help with digestion, manufacture some vitamins and short chain fatty acids, stimulate protective ‘mucin’ secretion in the lining of the gut, and break down cholesterol and toxins in your bowel.

In a nutshell, enzymes break down foods into smaller nutrients that the body can then use and probiotics protect the digestive tract. With the right enzymes and probiotics, you can indulge in gourmet meals, treat yourself to irresistible sweets, drink great liqueurs, enjoy the snow with kids and socialize with friends knowing that your digestive & immune health are being taken care of. So relax and enjoy this winter and holiday season without being bothered by colds, flus or gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Beat the bloat and keep a healthy balance in a unique way.
To make the best of winter adventures, look for good quality probiotics and enzymes tailored for your needs and age. One of the most highly effective enzyme formulas is made by Flora, a local company in Burnaby, BC. Flora’s Digestive Enzymes are made with a blend of seven active plant-based enzymes chosen to assist the breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, insoluble fiber, starch, milk sugar and complex sugars. They provide a complete spectrum of enzymes, which is precisely balanced to optimize the body’s absorption and use of nutrients of all food groups. They are required for health and are made for everybody. Flora’s Digestive Enzymes can help beat that heavy, sluggish feeling after an indulgent holiday meal.

To improve your immune health, Flora also manufactures only human-adapted probiotics, which are the ones that will implant and adhere to the human intestinal tract. This means your probiotics will not just pass right through you and vanish with your next bowel movement. Flora’s Refrigerated Probiotics can persist for 8-10 days and will benefit you even after supplementation has stopped. They also contain a wider variety of strains, which is more reflective of a normal healthy diges­tive system. Flora offers a full-spectrum of age-specific probiotic blends, which utilize multiple strains of probiotics that have been professionally formulated to provide balance to the entire intestinal tract.

These carefully designed formulas aid in the digestion of foods and boost your immune health to leave you free to delight in all those delicious holiday treats and explore the winter wonderland outside.