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10a-aromatherapy-gardenersdream-blAroma Crystal’s Gardener’s Dream Cream — Canada’s Favourite Skin & Body Care Product.

“Made with Love”

Gardener’s Dream Cream was born as a labour of love on Saltspring Island over 25 years ago and has won over 18 National Awards of Excellence for “Best Body & Skin Care Product” & Best Aromatherapy Product”. The Cream of your dreams! Alleviates dry skin, roughness, cracking and itching. It helps you to relax with a soothing massage and creates a sense of well being. This broad spectrum cream is self adjusting to the human condition. Clients with a multitude of skin conditions, weird rashes, and pain and circulation management have experienced fantastic therapeutic success with a Gardener’s Dream Cream.   Thousands of fans have submitted testimonials attesting that Gardener’s Dream Cream is not only the most incredible moisturising therapy they have ever used but also the most incredible all natural curative cream they have used.

Have a look at our Sodium Laurel Sulphate and Paraben free formula and what it can do for you:

Active Ingredient Properties

Lavender – Excellent skin cell regenerator, antiseptic, helps heal infections, effective aid in healing burns, minor cuts and wounds. Helps to balance the body.
Peppermint – Helps relieve inflammation, itching, insomnia, and shock. Supports mental clarity.
Rosemary – Stimulates circulation, relieves congestion and sore muscles; improves memory, mental clarity and confidence.
Cinnamon – Helps with infections, and congestion. Considered to be an aphrodisiac and is useful for fatigue and depression.

Eucalyptus – Helps clear congestion, infections, acne, and insect bites; increases energy.
Tea tree – Strongly Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral; supports the immune system.

Chamomile – Great for rashes and sensitive skin. Relaxes and calms.

Arnica – A natural herbal extract effective for relief of joint pains, inflammation and bruises.

Our secret ingredient is the fact that all of our products are infused with Vibrational Therapy. What is vibrational therapy?

  • Vibrational therapy is based on the scientific principal that all matter oscillates at a precise frequency.   This type of therapy is based on quantum physics and the proven system of positive intent.
  • Quantum Physics also know as the “Spooky Science” since simple observation of quantum material results in direct actions on matter a foot away or 100’s of light years away. The reason why these particles behave this way is not known, however there reactions have been accepted by the entire scientific community.
  • Working with the body’s own oscillating frequencies and repairing these frequencies through our largest organ and receptor, the skin and our olfactory sense. Gardener’s Dream Cream has helped restore balance to our endocrine systems by stimulating blocked energy to move or vibrate again at its optimum frequency.

Vibrational patterns can be used along with specific aromas to help restore our sense of wellness. Our essential oils are infused with these subtle vibrational frequencies using tested, true and proprietary technologies.

Try Gardener’s Dream Cream today; you won’t be disappointed. Visit us online at: www.aromacrystal.com to learn about our entire product line.