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All of the parts of your body work as a team. When one part is not well, it affects the whole body. Get Your Guide to Whole Body Health! What is the key to feeling your best? Whole body health! ...Read More
Fish oil supplements: Safe, potent and fresh? A Canadian independent testing service can give you the answers. Despite decades of research on the cardiovascular and cognitive benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, most consumers have only recently become ...Read More
Beat the winter blues with omega3+ joy  Boost Your Mood This Winter As the days get darker, many people report feeling a little more down in the dumps than usual. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 15 ...Read More
Omega-3 from plant.  Many people choose to supplement their diet with omega-3 as this type of fat has been associated with a variety of health benefits from the maintenance of good health to supporting normal brain and cardiovascular health.  Omega-3 ...Read More
Omega-3: A Fatty Acids Essential for Health Omega-3 fatty acids receive a lot of attention from the scientific community on a regular basis, and with good reason. These fats have been found to have a positive impact on our overall ...Read More
Do you lie about your age? It’s okay, we won’t tell. Most of us make attempts to stay young: we hide our wrinkles or deny having bouts of forgetfulness. However, despite our efforts to ignore aging, it happens everyday. In ...Read More
At Nature’s Way, we believe there’s a better way to produce natural health products. We use the purest ingredients available, coupled with rigorous testing to create products that we are proud to stand behind and consumers can trust. We are ...Read More
Manage Inflammation for Summer Fun! Inflammation is a natural, normal, and important immune system response that protects us from infection and aids the healing process from any trauma. However, it is often viewed as a negative response due to the ...Read More
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) sounds like a pretty important and complex title, when in fact it is simpler than you may think. They are an “essential” part of our nutrition just like vitamins, minerals, and protein. Essential Fatty Acids are ...Read More
Platinum Naturals’ Prenatal Line has been carefully formulated to support both mother and baby throughout the perinatal period - preconception, during pregnancy and following the birth of the baby. Everyday health for mom and baby. The Society for Obstetrics and ...Read More
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