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There are not many natural health products with more scientific validation than fish oils, with well over 7000 studies on their safety and efficacy for many health issues. Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are necessary fats that humans cannot ...Read More
Omega-3 fatty acids receive a lot of attention from the scientific community on a regular basis, and with good reason. These fats have been found to have a positive impact on our overall health as they are found in the ...Read More
Mushrooms have traditionally been used for medicinal purposes for centuries throughout the world. In China & Japan, Lion's Mane was considered a prized possession and was served exclusively to the emperor. Its name is derived from its long cascading tendrils ...Read More
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If you’ve ever shopped for a multivitamin, you may have come across the terms “whole food vitamins” and “food based vitamins”. You could have even heard these two terms used interchangeably, and wondered “What’s the difference?” or  “Is there even ...Read More
Childhood is a time of constant growth and development. Bones, teeth, skin, muscles, eyes and brains – the organs and body parts that will serve us throughout life – are being perfected. Nutrition plays a big part in proper development ...Read More
Not all folks find dairy their ideal source of calcium, but getting enough calcium is important for so many reasons! Calcium helps in the maintenance of teeth. Bet your teeth want to bite into that news! As for maintaining your ...Read More
Your brain is the control centre for everything you do. It regulates how you think, feel, move, and what you remember. Just like the rest of the body, it is sensitive to physical changes that occur with age. In adulthood, ...Read More
Each winter, colds and flu put millions of people out of commission. Unless you live in a bubble, you’ll be exposed to viruses. Minimizing your risk of infection or knowing what to take to beat unwanted bugs is essential. While ...Read More
Looking to complement the healthy plate you’ve been eating from with essential nutrients your diet is lacking? Towering shelves of supplements can intimidate anyone, so we’re here to help you navigate your nutritional needs! I. Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants – ...Read More
Until recently, it was believed that the typical human brain, containing about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) could neither repair nor regenerate itself. We know better now. We know that we truly are able to protect, restore and enhance brain ...Read More
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