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The Country Way Health Food Store is located in Sault Ste. Marie, ON and is owned and operated by Brenda Frey and Tammy Watts. The Country Way has been open since 1974 and was purchased by Brenda and Tammy in 1997.  It is a business that has been evolving and growing in our community for 34 years and even more so today.

The Country Way is not your ordinary health food store. Brenda, Tammy and all of the staff members engage with their customers on a personal level every day and always make sure to treat them as if they are part of their own family, which is why they always keep coming back. We always take the time to get to know our customers and realize that everyone who comes into the store is just as important as the next. Whether you simply have a cold or are in need of professional advice to start living a healthier lifestyle we have the knowledge, care and understanding to help anyone and everyone. Your health comes first in our eyes and we are always pleased to be there to support anyone who needs it.

Brenda and Tammy are firm believers in nutrition and in living a healthy and active lifestyle and do so in their daily lives. Tammy is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Registered Nutritional Counselor, Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, and Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor.  Brenda is a Registered Nutritional Product Advisor. Both, Brenda and Tammy, as well as all of their certified knowledgeable staff members will always be available to assist you in whatever kind of nutritional advice you may need. We are very proud of our knowledge and of our staff and are confident in our abilities to make a difference in our customers’ lives.

There is something for everyone at The Country Way, from supplements to organic food and snacks, all natural pet supplies, and all natural beauty products. Come in and visit us today!

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