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The Cobourg Health Shoppe was established in the 1990s and sold to the current owner April Murchison, in 2004. April has been a natural health enthusiast her whole life and has been actively studying and working in the holistic field for the last 20 years.

We are a locally owned and operated small-town business with a big-city selection and a world-wide network of information and resources. We are on a mission to inspire, motivate and support our neighbours in embracing a healthy lifestyle through natural and sustainable products.

Through constant research into products— and the companies that make them — we attempt to bring you the best quality in supplements, foods, body care, and cleaning products.
It is our aim to provide a comfortable, positive and supportive environment where you can bring your questions, learn about natural holistic alternatives, and make informed choices about your life and the lives of those who love and count on you.

Whether natural health is new to you, or you have been a health nut for years, we welcome you into our shoppe community and encourage you to introduce yourself, ask questions, and share your experiences.

If we don’t know the answer we’ll do our best to find out. If we don’t have a product we’ll do our best to find it or the next best thing.

Your friends in health and happiness.

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