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A natural remedy for emotional healing

Bach® Original Flower Remedies & RESCUE Remedy: Past and Present
In the early 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach, a successful doctor in London, believed that attitude and mental state played a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illnesses. He dedicated his life to researching nature and developing a new system of medicine that focused on the patient, not just the illness. It was this research that led to the development of the 38 Bach® Original Flower Remedies. Made from wild plants, trees and bushes, the Bach® Original Flower Remedies have been used by millions to treat people as Dr. Bach intended.

Dr. Bach would create custom flower blends for people based on their state of mind. He found himself frequently creating the same five flower blend for his patients. It is that five flower blend that is today, known as RESCUE® Remedy. The trusted RESCUE® brand portfolio has grown to include a number of product options including RESCUE™ Pastilles, RESCUE™ Night, RESCUE™ Cream, RESCUE™ Pet and of course the original RESCUE Remedy® Drops and Spray. All are available around the world, and always recognizable in our distinct yellow packaging.

Today, the flowers for each Bach Original Flower Remedy are still hand-picked from a garden at the Bach Centre in England- just as Dr. Bach did 80 years ago. They are then sent to our factory in London where millions of products are produced every year and distributed to over 56 countries worldwide.

We are the only brand entrusted with the Dr. Bach signature – always look for this as a sign of authenticity & quality.


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