4c-platinum-active-multi-blBetter Health Through Better Absorption

The absorbing power of Omega Suspension

The oil in your favourite salad dressing does more than add flavour. It also helps your body absorb the salad’s nutrients. That’s because oil is easily absorbed by the cell membranes in your body. In fact, a 2004 study1 found that substantially greater absorption of carotenoid, your body’s main source of vitamin A, was observed when salads were consumed with full-fat salad dressings rather than with fat-free dressings.

A recent study by Cui et al (2009)2 showed that when a particle of curcumin is encapsulated in a spherical micro emulsion droplet, the body absorbs more than 95% of curcumin in 24 hours by diffusion across the cell’s lipid membranes. Alternatively, the body is only able to absorb slightly less than 20% of crude curcumin within 24 hours.


Platinum Naturals’ Omega Suspension is an award winning proprietary process that fully suspends the active ingredients in healthy oils. Therefore, 100% of the active ingredients are in suspension and ready to be absorbed by the body. Omega Suspension was developed to ensure the effectiveness of products through improved absorption, potency and better compliance.

How does Omega Suspension improve absorption?
Non-fat substances can only pass through specific and limited areas of the cell membrane by active and passive transport sites (see illustration). However, fats can pass through virtually anywhere in the cell membrane. Omega Suspension coats active ingredients in healthy oils. Now the active ingredient has a much greater area in which it can be absorbed. This has been demonstrated with various nutrients, including calcium, CoQ10, lycopene and carotene.

Nutrients made with OMEGA SUSPENSION pass through cells easily. Other nutrients can only enter through limited transport openings; hence large portions of these nutrients are not absorbed at all

Guaranteed Potency

Omega Suspension improves the shelf life of the active ingredients. Oxygen and moisture are known to be two of the main causes in the destruction of the active ingredients in supplements. The healthy oils in Omega Suspension act as a barrier, protecting the nutrients from oxygen and moisture.
Improved Compliance

Tablets are often difficult to swallow and digest, and sometimes leave an unpleasant taste. Platinum Naturals’ core products are made with Omega Suspension, which are easy to swallow, easy to digest, free of unpleasant odour or taste, and most importantly easy to absorb. The result is a wide range of powerful nutrients, including iron, calcium and B12, that are easily absorbed to give you the strength and stamina you need. All of Platinum’s Omega Suspension products, including Activ-X™, EasyMulti®, Super EasyMulti® 45+, EasyIron®, EasyCal®, Relev-X®, Stressentials® and Easy-Q® provide Omega Suspension strength and protection.

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