10a-raw-protein-flavours-blWho has the cleanest Vegan Protein? Garden of Life. RAW. Vegan. Organic. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. Dairy-Free.

Garden of Life Raw Protein is a RAW, vegan, plant-based, certified organic protein formula. A complete source of protein from 13 RAW and organic sprouts. RAW Protein gives you everything you want—and more—in a protein supplement, without chemical additives or preservatives, and with no artificial sweeteners or fillers.

✔ Canada Organic Certified
✔ Vegan
✔ 17 or 18 g Protein Per Serving
✔ Complete Protein With All Essential Amino Acids
✔ Live Probiotics & naturally occurring enzymes
✔ Naturally Occurring Vitamins and Minerals
✔ Easily Digested

_ No Gluten
_ No Dairy
_ No Lactose
_ No Fillers
_ No Synthetic Nutrients
_ No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners
_ No Preservatives
_ Less Than 1 g Sugar
_ No GMO Ingredients

The Magic of Sprouting
RAW Protein is loaded with 13 RAW and organic sprouts. It should be noted that plants (seeds/grains/legumes), though they offer tremendous nutritional advantages, all contain anti-nutrients, such as phytic acid, that lock up the nutritive value of the food. Fortunately, anti-nutrients can be neutralized through the sprouting process, and in turn, all of the nutritional advantages of the plant are unlocked and accessible. Physiologically speaking, when consumed, phytic acid binds with calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc, making it next to impossible for the body to absorb these nutrients. Sprouting however, neutralizes phytic acid, and unlocks a plant’s abundant nutritional potential. Sprouting also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, which not only inhibit the enzymes in the actual plant, but also inhibit our own enzymes when we consume it.

Sprouting also naturally increases food’s digestibility, and in turn makes its nutrients far more bioavailable. On a purely nutritional level, sprouting increases a plant’s enzyme content, enzymatic potential, protein quality, crude fiber, vitamin and essential fatty acid content and it chelates its minerals (pre-digests them if you will, making them far more bioavailable). As such, sprouts are of extremely high biological value (often comparable to that of mother’s milk); are rich in digestible energy, bioavailable vitamins and minerals, amino acids, proteins, beneficial enzymes and phytochemicals; and are extremely alkalinizing to the body.

A Garden of Life Tradition: Quality Ingredients.
Garden of Life only sources the very best ingredients that are highly bio-absorbable, easy to digest, organic and non-GMO. As a matter of fact, before Non-GMO became popular, Garden of Life ensured non-GE (Genetically Engineered) sources for all their products. That time honored tradition of excellence continues today. Organic. Non-GMO. Many of the crops, legumes and grains come from our very own farms or family owned and operated farms who grow to our specific and high standards.

The Protein that Performs
There are many plant proteins on the market, including soy and brown rice.

Soy protein is a complete protein which, when conventionally grown, has on average, 10 pesticide residues, according to the USDA Pesticide Data Program. That includes an overlap of three known or probable carcinogens, five suspected hormone disruptors, two neurotoxins, two developmental or reproductive toxins for humans and three honeybee toxins.

Likewise, soy protein contains isoflavones and goitrogens, which can raise estrogen levels in women and men and can negatively impact thyroid function when consumed in high amounts. Soybeans also contain phytic acid, which can block the uptake of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. They also have enzyme inhibitors that can reduce the effects of trypsin and other enzymes
necessary for proper protein digestion.

However, brown rice protein—Certified Canada Organic and Non-GMO to ensure purity—is nutritionally rich and packed with enzymes. It also boasts four times more arginine—for better nutrient delivery—than other protein powders. Brown rice protein is also rich in glutamine, for muscle growth and immune health. When all three layers of sprouted brown rice are used (germ, endosperm and
bran), it provides all of the essential amino acids with a high biological value. That’s important, because if your diet is missing even one of the essential amino acids, then the body takes protein from other areas, including muscles, to get the missing amino acid.

Everyone needs protein. It supplies energy; helps build muscle; increases stamina; supports a healthy weight; and builds new cells, tissues, enzymes, antibodies and hormones.
And speaking of muscles . . . brown rice protein is highly efficient at supporting muscle recovery, muscle building, and supplying the body the strength and power it needs. As a complete protein, brown rice protein delivers all the essential amino acids, but the amino acid leucine is at a high threshold to maximize muscle protein synthesis.

Add all that to its high digestibility and hypoallergenic nature, and it’s apparent why Garden of Life RAW protein brown rice protein is a popular plant protein.


Chocolate Toffee Smoothie
Vegan, low sugar, unbelievably delicious and healthy!
Serves: 1-2

2 cups unsweetened chocolate almond milk
1 ½ cup frozen banana chunks
1 ½ scoop Garden of Life® RAW Protein Cacao Kiss
½ scoop Garden of Life Great Greens
8-10 drops of SweetLeaf® liquid stevia, English Toffee Flavor

Preparation: Put everything into a blender, blend until smooth, taste, and be amazed.

Chocolate Banana Breakfast
Packs over 25 grams of protein, is dairy free with a taste that will guarantee you’ll never want to skip breakfast again!

2 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk
2 scoops Garden of Life® RAW Protein Powder Cacao Kiss
2 cups frozen banana chunks
1 Tablespoon raw honey (optional)
1 handful of greens such as spinach or kale

Serves: 2
Preparation: Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Enjoy right away!

Original Recipes Courtesy of Gwen Marzano, Certified RAW Chef and Garden of Life Educator