At Nature’s Way, we believe there’s a better way to produce natural health products. We use the purest ingredients available, coupled with rigorous testing to create products that we are proud to stand behind and consumers can trust. We are one of the most technologically advanced supplement manufacturers in North America and we are always pushing the boundaries on research and testing as we harness the power of nature. We believe there’s a better way to help people feel their very best, each and every day. Nature’s Way allows the human body to perform at its full potential, naturally.

At Nature’s Way, we harness the power of nature and use leading edge science to realize the full potential of our ingredients and provide superior health products.

Here’s what we stand for in the world and what’s truly important to us as an organization:

  1. We embody integrity by using by using pure ingredients, rigorous scientific testing, and our companywide commitment to quality.
  1. We stand for innovation by always learning, by pushing our research and technology to be better, and by developing leading new products
  1. We provide inspiration for Canadians to redefine what’s possible for themselves by feeling their very best.

Nature’s Way is proud to offer a full line of premium and natural health products including omega-3 fish oils, probiotics, herbs, and vitamins. To learn more about our products, visit

Two products that we are currently very excited about are NutraVege omega-3, and Nature’s Way Liquid Coconut Oil.

NutraVege is an innovative plant-sourced omega-3 high in EPA & DHA. Until now, only fish and squid oils could provide an equivalent omega-3 potency. Our NutraVege offers a pure and balanced plant-sourced omega-3 derived from algae. Available in strawberry orange and cranberry orange, NutraVege is a great tasting omega 3 ideal for vegetarians or those who simply prefer a plant-based omega-3.

The health properties of coconut oil have been known for thousands of years.  Coconut oil naturally contains “good fats” called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which your body uses to produce energy.  Adding coconut oil to your diet can help increase metabolism, and help fuel any health lifestyle.

We also take product quality and purity very seriously.  We use the quality assurance programs PureCheck and Tru-ID. These third party testing programs ensure that our entire line of NutraSea Omega-3 and premium herbal products are as pure and potent as we say they are, because trust isn’t a tagline, it’s a promise.

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