As the warmer weather returns, young and old alike will start to dust off their bikes, skates, and myriad other outdoor gear with great anticipation. Springtime often feels like a rebirth of sorts. We all scurry towards the great outdoors and resume our active lifestyles. Spring truly is a wondrous time of year!
Spring can also be a particularly accident prone time of year.  Many of us will sustain injuries as a result of jumping back too quickly into outdoor play or too rigorous an exercise routine. If we consider that the majority of us are armchair athletes and run of the mill outdoor enthusiasts, shouldn’t we give our bodies a little time to get back into the swing of things? Gradually easing back into our favourite outdoor sports is key, as is moderation, hydration and stretching. This is especially true for the elderly whose bodies may require a little extra care and support.  
Injuries and back or joint pain

Injuries come in all shapes and sizes and will vary from the mild to the severe: sprains, strains, stretched or torn ligaments, fractures, backaches, repetitive stress injuries, aggravation of chronic arthritic conditions, and the like.  However, all injuries do have one thing in common: they all result in pain of varying intensity. Injuries sustained outdoors are frequent and will often resolve themselves one way or another. The important question to ask then is whether they will resolve themselves completely or only superficially. Most complications arise when an injury is not treated adequately and does not resolve itself completely. One will resume activities after a time, but the body will have been weakened at the site of the injury and will be prone to myriad difficulties settling in down the road.

The importance of supporting inflammation with Traumeel®

What is the key to optimally managing our injuries this spring? The answer is supporting the body through its own innate repair process.  Inflammation is a beneficial and natural mechanism for healing from injury.  More and more people today are looking to the natural health field for help with the treatment and management of their ailments, so as to work with the body as opposed to against it.

This is where Traumeel® comes in.
Traumeel® is a homeopathic combination medication that offers effective, natural support and optimal healing of injuries.

Why Traumeel®?

Traumeel® proposes inflammation modulation (as opposed to suppression). Support is offered to the body in the form of a natural Inflammation Regulating Drug (IRD) that also has powerful analgesic, anti-edematous and anti-exudative properties, much like conventional drugs do, but without the side effects and virtually no contraindications and no known medicinal drug interactions. Traumeel® also comes in various galenic forms, from the topical cream and gel for local pain management, to the oral forms for systemic inflammation management (tablets, drops and drinkable ampoules), as well as ear drops for earaches and ear inflammation. Traumeel® is appropriate for young and old alike, to quickly relieve and support all kinds of injuries, chronic inflammatory conditions, joint disorders, backaches and pain in general.

Nature at its best

Respecting nature and the body’s own natural mechanisms of regulation through the use of a carefully formulated homeopathic preparation of plant and mineral origin, holds the key to the prompt and optimal healing of injuries and chronic joint and back conditions, and indeed to long-term health management. Traumeel® has been used in over 50 countries worldwide for well over 70 years, and is clinically and scientifically proven effective for the entire family. So with Traumeel® on your side, what are you waiting for?

Get out there, and enjoy yourselves!

Stéphanie Bureau, Naturopath