Discover the health benefits of a whole-herb approach that delivers 100s of Turmeric’s remarkable compounds.

From the ancient system of Ayurveda to hundreds of modern scientific studies, Turmeric is renowned for its unique compounds and many healing benefits. As generations of cooks and healers have found, Turmeric’s modest-looking rhizome hides bright treasures.

According to Health Canada, licensed medicinal uses for Turmeric natural health products include:
• Acting as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain
• Helping protect the liver
• Aiding digestion
• Increasing bile excretion by the liver
• Stimulating gall bladder contraction
• Providing antioxidants for the maintenance of good health

Maybe you’re already eating whole Turmeric in meals, in smoothies, or in non-dairy “mylk.” Many people also rely on an herbal extract as a daily source of Turmeric’s nourishing plant compounds.

Here are some tips on selecting a high quality Turmeric supplement for your health.

  1. Seek a Whole-Herb Approach
    Turmeric is an herb, so look for products that take a whole-herb approach to deliver its full spectrum of compounds.
    • Made with supercritical and traditional extracts, full-spectrum Turmeric products such as New Chapter’s Turmeric Force™, give you hundreds of compounds in the balance that nature intended.
    • These products go beyond delivering just one compound, like Curcumin-only extracts.
    • These pure products are comparable to the mix of compounds you’d get from Turmeric as a food, and more concentrated.
  1. Learn the Sourcing Story
    Where does the Turmeric in your supplement come from?
    Ideally it’s sourced from where Turmeric grows best—the rainy tropics, including in India. New Chapter®, makers of Turmeric Force, sources Turmeric from India and supports community programs there that help convert farms from conventional to organic. The farmers practice breakthrough regenerative techniques that improve yields naturally and without chemical fertilizers. And they take pride in providing some of the finest quality Turmeric in the world.
  1. Look for the Non-GMO Project Verification
    Did you know that labeling for genetically modified foods is voluntary in Canada?
    • The Non-GMO Project was developed to help consumers identify products that follow best practices for GMO avoidance, all the way back to the seeds.
    • If you’re committed to avoiding genetically modified sources for the products you consume, look for items with the Non-GMO Project Verified seal and shop with confidence.
    • New Chapter’s herbal products, including Turmeric Force, are Non-GMO Project Verified.


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