This Holiday Season, make sure you PartySmartTM.   Just take one capsule with your first drink for a for a better morning.

This Holiday Season, make sure you PartySmartTM

partysmartpicWith the holiday season upon us there will be no shortage of festive gatherings to eat, drink and be merry.  However, as enjoyable as these gatherings can be, over indulging can make you feel like a Grinch the next morning.  Everyone enjoys a good night out, but nobody likes the after effects of a hangover.  We all have responsibilities then next day and hangovers quickly turn those fun memories into regret as everyone at one point in time has experienced that awful headache accompanied with a dose of nausea.  In addition, your cognition, vision and motor skills are all impaired when hungover reducing your capability to function properly and be productive.

We all know that the end result of a fun evening out can often lead to a hangover, but most people don’t know why this occurs.  There are several causes to hangovers like dehydration and lack of sleep, but the by-product produced when alcohol is broken down in the body is a major contributor to the “not so great” feeling the next day.   The by-product produced is called acetaldehyde and is actually more toxic than alcohol itself.   When acetaldehyde builds up in the liver it makes for an unpleasant morning and can erase those fun memories from the night before quickly.

partsmartchartA way to minimize the effect of acetaldehyde is to support your liver with herbal supplements that contain liver protectants and anti-oxidants. PartySmartTM by Himalaya Herbal HealthCare contains a unique combination of ingredients that protects the liver by increasing elimination of acetaldehyde.  In addition, it contains Vitis Vinifera (Grapes) and Phoenix dactylifera (date palm), both of which provide anti-oxidants to support well-being.

PartySmartTM is easy to take, just one (1) capsule with your first drink is all you need to take for a “BETTER MORNING”.   PartySmartTM is available in single servings or can be purchase in box of 10 and costs less than fancy cup of coffee.  PartySmartTM is a great option if you are hosting a holiday party, or your invited to one.  Instead of bringing a desert or bottle of wine, bring a box or two of PartySmartTM and your friends and family will thank you.  If you are an owner of a company, and want to have productive staff the day after your Holiday party, you definitely want to have PartySmartTM on every table.  Also, if you’re at a loss for a gift Ideas or stocking stuffers, PartySmartTM is a perfect choice that is sure to get laugh, but is functional as well.

So this holiday season, start your morning off right by taking your party smart tonight.  It’s Safe, It’s Smart and It Works.