9a-renewlife-cerebrum-engAre you tapping into your full potential? Discover the way to boost your brain power every day!

Everyone has had those days when they feel their brain is just not working. You can’t remember where you put your keys or what you took out to defrost for dinner. It could be age, stress, medications, hormones or it could just be a bad day but we’ve all been there. Memory is the ability to remember past experiences. When most people think of memories, they think of nostalgia but memory is also the basics of remembering how to tie your shoe or drive a car! You can see that keeping your memory sharp should be a top priority. The best thing for keeping your memory in top notch shape is to stay physically and mentally active. Exercise daily, read, experience new things, challenge your brain daily and eat well. New research is showing that there may be help in supplement form as well!

Research published in 2010 on an extract of American Ginseng, showed it increased cognitive performance by 10% for a 6 hour period after taking it. (Schloey, 2010). This extract is called Cereboost, which has been standardized to contain a precise ratio of ginsenosides – the active compounds behind ginseng’s efficacy. It is this specific ratio that gives Cereboost its unique ability to improve cognitive performance, without the jittery side effects which can often occur with other forms of ginseng.

The clinical study showed that Cereboost was effective in:

  • Increasing cognitive performance
  • Improving working memory capacity
  • Increasing attention accuracy
  • Enhancing working memory speed

As well as Cereboost, two other nutrients have also been shown to boost cognitive function. A growing body of research is proving DHA & EPA (the omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish) are having very positive benefits. In fact a recent cross-over placebo controlled study showed that the intake of fish oils improved cognitive performance in healthy subjects after five weeks (Nilsson, 2012). Meanwhile other research on healthy 18-25 year olds taking DHA & EPA, showed they were able to “enhance their working memory performance even further, despite their already being at the top of their cognitive game.” (Narendran, 2012). These EFA’s are invaluable in limiting the cognitive decline often seen during the aging process. Unfortunately, the Canadian diet is often deficient in EFA’s, so it is vital for your health to ensure adequate intake through supplementation.

Taking Cereboost for its short term positive effect on cognition, along with fish oils for their long term brain benefits, is a great way to combat the poor concentration that everyone faces at some point. Renew Life’s Cerebrum combines these two ingredients in a unique formula to provide you with an overall boost to your cognitive ability.

Whether you’re a working professional who needs help focusing during a long day, over 50 and looking for some extra brain function support, or a university student trying to get through papers and exams, Cerebrum can help! Why not give yourself an edge and try Cerebrum today?


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