1c-sisu-no7-enCold winter months keep us indoors and force our joints into hibernation, aggravating joint pain and stiffness, including in people who have active lifestyles and are not unfamiliar with occasional tweaks and twinges brought on by exercise, sports, or physical activity. Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, a busy mom, or enjoying retirement, it will be even more frustrating when, in a few months, you will want to go back to fully enjoying your favourite outdoor activities, but your joints won’t be ready to cooperate.

Active lifestyles, in combination with cold and wet weather can be hard on overworked muscles and even more troublesome for joints. In strong, healthy joints, ligaments and cartilage absorb impact and allow for smooth, pain-free motion.  Exercise and even everyday activity can create pressure on joints that triggers the body to release enzymes that may break down collagen and cause soft tissues to become inflamed and harden or wear away, resulting in loss of mobility and pain. Inflammation is a natural part of the healing process as it helps the body recover by increasing the flow of blood and immune cells to an area of injury. However, chronic or uncontrolled inflammation can cause tissue damage and chronic pain and is associated with a variety of chronic illnesses and the destruction of cartilage.

Instead of relying on anti-inflammatory medications to put out inflammation, one fire at a time, we need to look deeper to catch the arsonist.  Clinically-validated natural solutions such as SISU No. 7 Joint Formula help reduce pain, increase joint mobility, and relieve stiffness while supporting the body’s natural range of motion and joint flexibility.

Standardized 5-Loxin Advanced® boswellia extract is specially targeted at lowering the enzyme that stimulates the production of inflammation-causing mediators in the body, and the cartilage-degrading enzyme. And while inflammation is the primary reason for joint discomfort and pain, not all pain is due to wear and tear. Some people have an overactive immune system capable of destroying healthy joint tissue.  In these instances, regulating the immune system and stopping the attack is the primary goal. Un-denatured type II collagen (UC II®) is one of the very few natural ingredients acting as an immune modulator and shown to balance an overactive immune system and hinder it from breaking down cartilage. In studies, UC II® worked faster and at a portion of the dosage of a glucosamine and chondroitin combination to interrupt the inflammation pathway at the source, reduce joint pain, and restore flexibility.

While the underlying issues are being addressed, traditional botanicals such as fast-acting turmeric and white willow bark can help provide relief while your body is fighting inflammation for good, and vitamin C can contribute to the regeneration of cartilage by supporting formation of collagen. The beauty of natural medicine is that there really is no single magic herb or vitamin, but rather a variety of natural ingredients that, when combined, have a unique potential to help the body heal itself. The fast-acting combination of SISU No. 7 eliminates the six to eight-week build up period needed for most natural joint products. It starts taking effect in as little as 7 days, helping you to get back on track fast and without the potential side effects and risks of over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatories and pain-killers.



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