Since its founding, KIND has been on a mission to help people do the kind thing for their body, their taste buds and their world. What began with just eight bar varieties in 2004 has grown to more than 23 bars and clusters, with a multitude of new recipes being perfected in the KIND kitchen every day. Each KIND snack is created with the following core principles in mind: craft snacks made with real food; treat everyone and everything, including ingredients, with integrity and kindness; and achieve a balance of health and taste. Every KIND snack boasts a nutrient-dense ingredient (such as nuts, fruits or oats) as the first and predominant ingredient.

For the past 13 years, KIND has practiced the “AND philosophy,” which, at its core, is about challenging assumptions and thinking creatively to achieve two seemingly incompatible objectives. For instance, KIND has challenged conventional wisdom by balancing health and taste and convenience and wholesomeness in all of its products. The KIND team has also worked to build an economically sustainable and socially impactful business, which enables commercial objectives to live in harmony with social ones. Its commitment to using its business as a vehicle for social change stems from KIND’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Lubetzky. A pioneering social entrepreneur, Lubetzky has infused kindness into KIND’s DNA since day one.

Daniel’s belief in the power of kindness comes from his parents – especially his dad, Roman. Roman was a Holocaust survivor, who partly credited his survival thanks to the kindness of others. Growing up, Daniel heard stories about his dad’s experiences in the Dachau concentration camp. Roman often told the story about a Nazi guard – an enemy soldier – who threw him a rotten potato when he was starving. This small act of kindness ultimately provided him the sustenance he needed to stay alive. This and similar glimpses of humanity during one of the darkest periods in history assured Daniel that kindness can be transformative – and it resides within all of us. From a young age, Daniel committed to spread this belief, while also working to help prevent what happened to his dad from happening again to others.

These motivations ultimately drove Daniel to create KIND as a not-only-for profit business. In the early 2000s, he was traveling a lot and became frustrated with the lack of healthy options available to him. He noticed a gap in the market, as most of the category was comprised of “slab bars” made from unrecognizable ingredients. He vowed to make a bar made from whole, recognizable ingredients like nuts and seeds. His goal was to provide people with a snack they felt good about putting into their body without sacrificing taste.

In the early days, Daniel faced significant pushback. Many buyers told him that his product looked “too healthy,” and therefore their customers would never purchase it. He did his best to show these skeptics that his original fruit & nut KIND bar was the beginning of a new category, and it would soon fulfill a need consumers didn’t know they had. Over time, he was proven right.

Beyond its award-winning snack lines, KIND has a mission, which is rooted in Daniel’s heritage, to make the world a little kinder. This mission, known as the KIND Movement, is brought to life through KIND’s business, culture, and The KIND Foundation, which was established as a separate philanthropic entity in 2016

Through the Foundation, KIND supports a myriad of programs, such as KIND Causes which is a grant program that funds socially-impactful ideas, and Empatico, an online learning tool (currently in beta) that aims to connect students around the globe.

While much of KIND’s social impact work centers around cultivating empathy and bringing people together, lighter programs such as #kindawesome are of equal importance. The #kindawesome program enables anyone to spot kind acts in their daily life. People are encouraged to celebrate someone who has just committed a kind act by giving them a #kindawesome card (either physically or virtually). The card recipient can subsequently redeem a code on the card for a complimentary KIND snack as well as another #kindawesome card to pay it forward.

Staying true to its brand promise and its values as it has grown has allowed KIND to develop industry leadership in both health and wellness and social responsibility. KIND expects to continue on this journey, striving to improve the way people live, eat and relate to one another – one snack and one kind act at a time.