11c-ener-c-orange-enMaintain a Healthy Immunity with Ener-C™

Give your immune system a boost with a little help from Ener-C.

With the Canadian Cold & Flu season in full force, we need to focus on maintaining a strong immunity and staying generally healthy. Although it’s always best to maintain our health with a proper diet and by drinking lots of water, our modern lifestyles do not always allow time for us to consume the full spectrum of foods we need. With that in mind, we should always be supplementing our diets with Vitamin C to maintain our overall health and especially a boost for our immune system.

Ener-C is built on a base of Vitamin C.  We believe that we are all suffering from Vitamin C deficiency and that we have been taking the wrong form of Vitamin C.  Did you know that all animals, with the exception of human beings, fruit bats and guinea pigs, make their own Vitamin C?  They make it not in the form of Ascorbic Acid, but in the form of mineral ascorbates.  We use mineral ascorbates in Ener-C because they are a completely pH neutral form of Vitamin C that does not cause the gastrointestinal distress that ascorbic acid is known to cause.  We also added Vitamins A and E to not only further assist with the absorption of the Vitamin C, but also to provide the antioxidant, skin, and vision benefits that are associated with this group of vitamins.  Ener-C will help to build and maintain a strong immune system.

We are acutely aware that more and more people have stopped using table salt as part of their daily diet (good for you guys!).  That said, the only real source of iodine in the North American diet is in our table salt; consequently, there is a chance we could be suffering from an iodine deficiency.  We’ve added the iodine to Ener-C to ensure your thyroid is kept healthy and safe.

In addition to the immune benefits, Ener-C will also give you a natural boost of energy.  We all seem to suffer from the need for an energy boost lately.  Just look at the explosion of unhealthy caffeine-laden energy drinks on the market.  By adding our B vitamins and potassium, along with our mineral ascorbate Vitamin C, you will get a natural kick of energy that will not result in the dreaded caffeine crash.

Ener-C was specifically formulated to be a great source of electrolytes.  It’s the electrolytes that make a difference, whether you need them during your workout, if you are ill, or if you have imbibed a little too much alcohol.

Ener-C is all natural, flavoured with real fruit extracts and is Non-GMO. Ener-C is the natural channel’s choice.


By Richard Pollock