1a-progressive-multivitamins-blHow Much of Your Multivitamin Are You Absorbing?

Each day you swallow a multivitamin. Ever wonder how well your body absorbs it, or is it bio-energetically compatible?

Each day you diligently take your multivitamin with the hope that it gives your body the nutrients it needs. However, have you ever stopped to ponder how much of it your body is absorbing? Many factors affect whether your body can absorb a multivitamin, including the quality of the ingredients, the rate of absorption, and whether it is bio-energetically compatible.

Factors Affecting Absorption
Ever heard of a ‘Rectal Rocket’? Giggles aside, there is some truth behind this name-calling. Some supplements do not dissolve well in the digestive system and thus the nutrients they contain are not absorbed. For optimal absorption, a multivitamin should dissolve in about twenty minutes – that is approximately the time it takes from when you swallow something to when it enters the small intestine. Since the small intestine is where absorption occurs it is important that a multivitamin dissolves quickly.
The ability of your body to absorb nutrients depends on the presence of co-factors. A co-factor is a nutrient that facilitates the absorption of another nutrient. Well-known examples of cofactors are magnesium for calcium absorption and bioflavonoids for vitamin C absorption. Holistic Nutritionists commonly encourage eating whole foods, as in most cases whole foods contain nutrients and the cofactors needed for optimal absorption. Good quality multivitamins are formulated to include nutrients and the cofactors required for optimal absorption.
Nutrient absorption involves the digestive tract, liver and kidneys. The liver needs to be able to process incoming nutrients. The kidneys need to be able to filter and eliminate waste products. The digestive system needs sufficient enzymes to break down compounds to allow absorption. Incorporating herbal medicines (e.g. milk thistle, dandelion root), natural enzymes (e.g. papaya, pineapple) and protective phytonutrients (e.g. green leafy or sea vegetables) into your body can improve the health of your liver, kidneys and digestive tract. This can be done through diet, supplement regime, or by using a quality multivitamin that includes such supportive cofactors.

Bio-energetic Compatibility
The body has an electromagnetic field. For hundreds of years, natural medicine has measured changes in the electromagnetic field to detect imbalances, blockages and treat illness. Your body’s electromagnetic field expands or contracts in response to stimuli, such as a multivitamin. In other words, experts in bio-energetic medicine can determine whether a nutrient, or a combination of nutrients, will cause a positive or negative effect on a person.

For the last thirty years, Naturopathic Doctor Michael Adams has been refining techniques to measure bio-energetic compatibility by combining the science of the body’s electromagnetic field with auricular medicine. Auricular medicine uses the external ear to detect areas of imbalance in the body. The external ear, similar to the foot, has reflex areas, which represents all organs, glands and tissues in the body.

Progressive® MultiVitamins – Quality, Bioavailable, Energetically Tested
Progressive® MultiVitamins are bio-energetically compatible, tested to meet the highest standards of quality, and formulated using only the latest human clinical trials.

Once a potential multivitamin formula has been created at Progressive® Nutritionals, it is tested for bio-energetic compatibility to ensure the formula will have the desired effect on your body. Dr. Michael Adams tests each individual ingredient on several hundred patients. Then, adjustments to ingredient sources and potency are made until each individual ingredient, and all of the ingredients in combination, are well balanced and in harmony with the majority of patients. Once a Progressive® MultiVitamins formula has passed both scientific research and auricular medicine criteria, it undergoes stringent laboratory quality testing. Progressive® has taken the guesswork out of multivitamins, creating only products they know will work.

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