Get moving this winter!

Curcumin Supreme containing Meriva® curcumin can help you enjoy winter!

No matter where you live in Canada, winter is inevitable. The cold can wreak havoc on joint health sometimes preventing us from getting outdoors and enjoy more of their favorite winter activities. Walking. Skiing. Skating. Hockey. Snowshoeing. Winter-cycling. Cross-training. Indoor swimming. Even snow shoveling. Everyone has their own favorite.

Although some would like to hibernate some enjoy winter, many are not able to take full advantage of the season due to painful conditions. For seniors, conditions such as osteoarthritis can limit walking distance and make more strenuous pursuits like skiing impossible. Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis can put a damper on gardening. For athletes, old injuries can resurface again with the resumption of winter training. New injuries due to summer activities or wear-and-tear from repetitive action can mean time on the sidelines.

When dealing with joint pain or other inflammatory issues, there are options. Stop the activity. Continue the activity by dulling the pain with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Or one can seek a natural solution to reduce the inflammation without harmful side-effects. One such natural alternative that has been increasingly studied is curcumin.

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in the Indian root known as turmeric. It is the ingredient that gives curry its bright yellow colour. Through its traditional use in India and through a growing number of clinical studies, curcumin has shown potential as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

One issue that has hampered many of the studies on curcumin has been its poor absorbability in the human body. Curcumin is very susceptible to damage from water and is difficult to get into through cellular walls. A group of researchers in Italy, specializing in making difficult-to-absorb natural materials more bioavailable, took on that same task with curcumin.

By complexing curcumin with phoshatidylcholine (lecithin), the researchers found that curcumin could be protected from water damage. Also, the curcumin was able to pass more easily through cell walls due to the phosphatidylcholine enveloping the curcumin being similar in nature to the makeup of our cell walls. This improvement in absorbability was confirmed when the researchers discovered that blood tests from patients consuming this curcumin “phytosome” material had 29 times more curcuminoids in the blood vs. patients who took a standard curcumin extract. This curcumin phytosome became known as Meriva®.

The Italian researchers conducted a human clinical trial that looked at the effect of Meriva® on seniors with osteoarthritis. After three months of supplementation, the results were impressive. Those patients taking 1000 mg a day of Meriva® curcumin reported a 58% reduction in joint pain and stiffness. Further, those patients supplementing with Meriva® demonstrated a dramatic increase in mobility – they were able to go four times further on treadmill tests. Evidence of the overall anti-inflammatory potential of Meriva® was shown when inflammatory-related proteins present in the blood of those using it were shown to be reduced by over 16 times.

What could Meriva®’s increased absorption mean for enjoying winter?  It means that if you are suffering from an inflammatory condition that is hampering your physical performance, whether osteoarthritis or injury-related, Meriva® has the potential to make a positive difference by reducing pain and increasing mobility. That means more walking. More skiing. More skating. More hockey. More snowball fights and snowman making. More winter-cycling. More indoor-swimming. And inevitably, more snow shoveling. The winters can be long in Canada – consider natural assistance from Meriva® if you need help to fully enjoy it.