Each year, catching the flu seems almost inevitable during the cold winter months.

As you may already know, influenza (a.k.a the flu) is a viral respiratory infection that is passed from one person to another. Viruses can be passed on by inhaling droplets coughed or sneezed out by an infected person. They can also spread by coming into contact with an infected person’s secretions through objects they’ve touched. As such, these illnesses are most easily spread in crowded areas such as schools, workplaces, public spaces, etc.

Accordingly, practising good health habits like covering your mouth when you cough and washing your hands frequently can go a long way in limiting the spread of germs and preventing respiratory illnesses like the flu.

But sometimes, you can still end up getting sick regardless of how healthy your lifestyle is. Luckily, there are a few natural solutions that can help you feel better as soon as possible.

One homeopathic solution that you should have on hand at the first of flu-like symptoms is Oscillococcinum by Boiron. It comes packaged in pre-measured, easy-to-swallow and easy-to-administer doses and is recommended for the whole family: infants, children, adults and seniors.

Oscillo can be taken at the onset of flu symptoms or when they are established. Among the unpleasant symptoms experienced when coming down with the flu are body aches, headache, fever and chills. As always, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice if your symptoms persist or worsen.

Distributed in nearly 50 countries, Oscillococcinum has been recommended by doctors and pharmacists around the world for more than 70 years.

Oscillo also does not cause drowsiness, making it ideal for night and day use. As a whole, homeopathic medicines are unlikely to interact with other medications so there are generally no contraindications between conventional and homeopathic medicines when taken simultaneously.

Oscillococcinum is available in different sizes to meet various needs. So whether it’s to take a few precautions while travelling or even to cover the epidemic season, know that Boiron has you covered.

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This homeopathic medicine may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.Product-Slot1_EN

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