If you’re already having trouble getting your beauty rest due to menopausal night sweats, the last thing you need is your husband interrupting what little sleep you do manage to get with his frequent trips to the bathroom.

For both men and women, it’s changes in hormone levels that are causing the disturbances.

For women, falling oestrogen levels can trigger hot flashes and night sweats. While Menopause does provide relief from monthly heavy bleeding, period pain and PMS, the drenching sweats that can accompany these benefits can be both uncomfortable and socially embarrassing. In addition, night sweats can leave them dripping wet, having to wring out the sheets and change pyjamas several times a night.

This isn’t pleasant for either the woman or her partner, and the lack of sleep that ensues contributes to a general feeling of brain fog, low mood, lack of concentration, and all-round irritability.

Nature to the rescue
Taking A.Vogel Menopause, an extract of fresh organic sage, can help the body to rebalance its sweat-regulating mechanism, in order to prevent the worst of the sweats. Many women find that this is all they need to keep the situation and side effects under control. As it is very safe and easy to take, it makes a sensible solution to a problem that can wreak sleep, energy levels and confidence.

A multi-centre clinical trial assessed the tolerability and efficacy of A.Vogel Menopause in menopausal women experiencing hot flashes. After 4 weeks, the average number of hot flashes had gone down by 50%. After 8 weeks, the average number of hot flashes had gone down by 64% and further reductions were most likely with continued treatmenti.

And thank goodness for something that makes a full night’s sleep possible.

“I was suffering through 20 or more hot flashes a day plus being woke at night. After the okay from my medical doctor I tried A.Vogel Menopause. It took about 2 weeks to notice a difference. I increased the dose to 3 per day and I haven’t had a hot flash since! It didn’t just ‘ease’ hot flashes; it totally eliminated them! A miracle in my book! I can now enjoy my life again. Thank you for a great product.”
– Irene L., Canada

The reason men often find themselves making frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night as they age is due to the fact that they possess a prostate gland. This walnut-shaped gland nestles cosily around the neck of the bladder and, as a man nears fifty and hormone levels start changing, the gland starts to enlarge. This is an inevitable part of male ageing, and is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (or BPH).

Every year, the prostate gets a tiny bit bigger, compressing the urinary tract as it leaves the bladder. This makes it increasingly difficult for urine to leave the bladder. Small amounts of urine trickle out hesitantly, with much dribbling and a general feeling that there’s more to come – but it just won’t.

A man can be visiting the bathroom as much as eight times a night, with nothing to show for it but bags under the eyes and a distinct lack of cheeriness. This situation may be a natural result of ageing, but it doesn’t have to remain a problem.

Nature to the rescue
The good news is that there is a natural solution to BPH, which can be found in the small berry of Saw Palmetto. The oil in the berry contains free fatty acids which have been shown to inhibit adverse hormonal action in the prostate.

A.Vogel Prostate 1, made from organic Saw Palmetto berries, is indicated to relieve urologic symptoms associated with mild to moderate BPH such as weak urine flow, incomplete voiding, frequent daytime and nighttime urination. And it may provide modest relief of symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men with BPH.

It has been shown to reduce the symptoms of prostate enlargement by 42% in mild cases, 38% in moderate cases and 30% in severe cases after just eight weeksii.

It would be highly beneficial for men, 40 years and older, to take Prostate 1 on a daily basis to prevent the occurrence of BPH problems. It has no side effects and is easy to take – just take a capsule once a day and let the oils of Saw Palmetto do their beneficial work and let you get some sleep.

“Words cannot express my joy and gratitude for your help. After only 3 nights and 3 capsules of Prostate 1 for my prostate problem, I am now down to getting up only twice per night instead of 6-7 times. This has been a very enriching health experience. Thank you!”
– Gary M., Canada


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